Sunita Kumari Murder: Life Sentence for Violent Husband

A Grim Tale of Abuse, Threats, and Justice Served in the Sunita Kumari Murder Case

Kollam: Sam Kumar (43), forcibly cutting his wife Sunita (37) to death, was sentenced to severe life in jail and a fine of Rs. 50,000. Judge Usha Nair of the 4th Additional Sessions Court made the grim ruling on Tuesday.

The accused, Sam Kumar, is an Anchal Valakkupara Edakochi resident and the nephew of Sunita’s father. The horrific murder occurred on December 22, 2021, at around 6 pm at Sunita’s family home in Anchal Balakupara Suresh Bhawan, Kollam.

History of Abuse and Legal Proceedings

According to reports, Sam Kumar had a history of alcohol abuse and domestic violence against Sunita and her children. Unable to tolerate the harassment any longer, Sunita moved to her nearby family home with her children in September 2021. However, Sam Kumar arrived at the house that month and brutally assaulted Sunita, her younger son, and Sunita’s mother. Following this incident, the Erur police arrested and remanded Sam Kumar.

Sunita had also obtained a particular protection order from the Punalur court after receiving death threats from Sam during their martial discord. However, tragically, Sam Kumar disregarded the order and hacked Sunita to death upon her return from a local store.

Sunita came home with her 12-year-old son after shopping at the Maveli store on that fateful evening. As she gave the purchased biscuits to her children, Sam Kumar barged in, grabbed Sunita by her hair, dragged her to the bedroom, and hacked her to death. Sunita’s lifeless body had 46 cuts, and both her hands were severed.

Court Ruling and Response

The court considered strong evidence, including 34 witnesses and 31 documents, such as testimonies from Sunita’s eldest son, mother, and neighbours. Erur Inspector KS Arun Kumar investigated the case thoroughly. Public Prosecutor Aramana CK Saiju and advocates Meenu Das and Shamla Mecheri, aided by ASI Mercy, represented the prosecution.

The brutal murder of Sunita Kumari has sent shockwaves across Kollam. Women’s rights activists have welcomed the court ruling as a stern message against domestic violence. Her grieving family can now hope to find some closure after the long-drawn trial.

The brutal murder of Sunita Kumari by her abusive husband has rightfully met with severe punishment by the Kollam court. Justice has been delivered, yet no sentence can ever fill the void left by the loss of a beloved wife and mother. Her tragic death serves as a solemn reminder that domestic violence continues to claim far too many lives. The case must spur further action to implement laws that protect vulnerable women and children from harm. Only through sustained efforts can such senseless tragedies be prevented from recurring.

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