Suicide of a Young Doctor: High Court Rules Ruwais Can’t Continue PG Studies

High Court's Decision Overturns Single Bench Order Amidst Tragic Circumstances

Kochi: In the recent Division Bench ruling on Dr. Ruwais’s postgraduation, the High Court has stayed implementing a Single Bench order. This order granted re-admission to Dr. Ruwais, Shahana’s classmate, for his postgraduate (PG) studies. Division Bench’s action comes in response to an appeal filed by the principal of Thiruvananthapuram Medical College.

Continued Disciplinary Action: Division Bench’s Decision

Additionally, Division Bench has ruled that disciplinary action against Ruwais will continue. The decision overrules an earlier Single Bench order by Justice CP Muhammad Niaz. The court assessed that Ruwais, a PG student, would suffer irreparable loss if not allowed to continue his studies. Single Bench had directed college authorities to allow Ruwais him to resume his studies within a week.

Single Bench also kept an order from suspending Ruwais and barring him from studies through an interim order. The decision came after hearing a petition by Ruwais requesting to revoke the suspension and allow him to continue his studies.

During the hearing, the single bench clarified that even if the petitioner is guilty of a serious crime, it would not prevent him from continuing his studies. The university argued against allowing Ruwais into the class. The court responded by asserting that even criminals have certain basic rights that cannot be ignored. It led to permission for Ruwais to continue his studies.

According to police, Shahana took her own life after her arranged marriage to Ruwais broke down due to demands for dowry. In addition to the charge of abetment to suicide, the police have also booked Ruwais under the Dowry Prohibition Act.

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