Student Defies SFI: Inside the Harrowing Ordeal at Pookode Veterinary College

Siddhartha's Courage Amidst Cruelty: Unraveling the Horrors of Campus Ragging

Kalpatta: According to a report by the anti-ragging squad, J.S. Siddharth, a student at Pookode Veterinary College, had to endure unparalleled mental pressure. The report reveals that SFI leaders and others have continuously ragged Siddharth for 8 months. This is evidence of a conspiracy and resentment against the student. All of this was due to the unwritten rules of the SFI leadership. The Vice-Chancellor’s decision on this report will be final.

Harassment and Threats

According to the report, College Union President and SFI unit committee member Arun regularly summoned J.S. Siddharth to his room. Siddharth was instructed to report to Arun’s room once in the morning and evening. A classmate provided a statement to the Anti-Ragging Squad, stating that Siddharth had said he was stripped naked in the room and ragged multiple times.

On the night of his birthday, Siddharth was threatened by SFI members to tie himself to an iron pole in the hostel and warned him they would pour petrol around the pole and set it on fire.

The report suggests that Siddharth, who was very active on campus, could not be controlled by the SFI leaders. The report also states that some university security personnel were unwilling to give statements to the squad. Additionally, the report claims that the leadership of the SFI Kalpatta Area Committee intervened and obtained a copy of the complaint from the Internal Complaints Committee. Consequently, the cook at the hostel where Siddharth was staying resigned after these incidents.

Consequences and Fallout

Meanwhile, two students have been suspended in connection with the death of Siddharth following a mob trial by SFI activists. Ajith Aravindakshan and Amaresh Bali, who testified to witnessing Siddharth being beaten, were suspended from college and expelled from the hostel.

Following the incident, the students lodged a complaint with the governor. Siddharth’s father, Jayaprakash, came forward demanding that the students’ suspensions be withdrawn. He expressed doubt about the children’s lives being in danger.

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