Sinister Plot Unveiled: Murder Disguised as Home Birth

Deception, Betrayal, and Tragedy: Unraveling the Dark Secrets of Karaikkamandapam

Thiruvananthapuram: New revelations have added to the mystery surrounding the death of a mother and her newborn baby while attempting a home birth. It appears the husband insisted on a home birth to spare his wife, who had undergone three cesarean sections. There are indications the husband murdered in a way that avoided suspicion. More allegations are being leveled against the husband, Niyas, a native of Poontura, in the death of Shameera Beavi (39) and her newborn from Palakkad. He is currently in the custody of Nemam police.

It appears acupuncture treatment was administered to the woman. She was treated by Shihab, a native of Venjaramood, who runs a clinic in Bimapalli. According to police, her husband Niyas forced her to give birth at home without modern medical treatment. Police also found Niyas had misbehaved with health workers who asked him to go to the hospital. Shamira Beavi and her child, originally from Palakkad, died yesterday. The home birth seems to have been a conspiracy orchestrated by Niyas to get rid of Shamira. It was in this context that police charged Niyas with murder. There will also be detailed interrogation.

Details of the Incident Raise Suspicion

Shamira, who was pregnant, fainted due to excessive bleeding in the afternoon. Her husband called an ambulance and took her to a private hospital in Killipalam. Still, doctors informed them the mother and child had already died. It was the second marriage for Shamira, who hails from Palakkad, and Niyas, who is from Poonthura. Shamira and Niyas have two children together. Both have children from previous marriages. The fact that Niyas’s daughter from his first marriage was there for the delivery is evidence of a conspiracy. Police are also investigating whether Niyas has other wives. They first lived in Nedumangad. After becoming pregnant, she shifted to Karaikamandapam. Authorities suspect this change is also part of a ploy to eliminate his wife.

Even when Shamira was fully pregnant, health department officials and doctors had requested many times that Niyas take her to the hospital for expert care. When Niyas was not amenable to this, insisting home birth was sufficient, police intervened. However, Niyas remained adamant.

Allegations Against the Husband

Allegations also link Shamira’s husband, Niyas, to the fake acupuncturist Siddhan from Tirur. They have about 10 study centers in Kerala on a district basis. The study center in Thiruvananthapuram is near the Kallattumukku petrol pump.

Allegations suggest that what they promote in the name of acupuncture bears no resemblance to authentic acupuncture. Many maternal deaths have occurred in Kerala previously as victims of these fakes. Allegations suggest that the influence of these fake doctors is also responsible for the increase in home births and incidents in various districts of Kerala. A complaint against Niyas had already come to the police previously.

The ward counselor revealed Niyas claimed delivery would be expected after watching YouTube and asked the police, who requested taking her to the hospital, “Why are you worried when she is not there with you?” Health workers also disclosed that the woman had undergone cesarean sections for her first three deliveries, with only one year passing since the last one. Counselor Deepika told Shamira Beavi that she was afraid her husband would leave her. That statement also strengthens suspicions.

Neighbors kept Away

Neighboring women say Niyas stated, “I can take care of my wife, and locals should not intervene.” Locals also revealed that Niyas did not like his eldest son and the young woman’s children talking to neighbors. One woman also stated that Niyas’s eldest son was home during the incident.

The tragic death of Shamira Beavi and her newborn child raises many troubling questions. While the police investigation is ongoing, the circumstances point to the possibility of foul play by her husband, Nayas. Allegations against Nayas continue to mount, from forcing his wife to have a risky home birth against medical advice to preventing others from intervening. The influence of a fake acupuncturist, past domestic abuse, and marital problems all loom as potential factors.

As the details come to light through police interrogation and witness statements, the systemic issues surrounding maternal healthcare and domestic violence in Kerala must also be examined. Society failed to protect Shamira Beavi, though many seemed aware of problems in her marriage. Sadly, she joins a list of women who have died in childbirth or due to abuse when support was lacking. While seeking justice for this mother and child, broader changes are necessary to prevent such avoidable tragedies. Their deaths must not be in vain.

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