Siddharth’s Family to Protest: Demanding Justice Amid Alleged Cover-Up

Allegations of Farcical CBI Probe Order and Recalling of Suspended Persons Fuel Protest Plans

Thiruvananthapuram: The family of Pookode Veterinary College student Siddharth, who lost his life under SFI ragging, is to start a protest before Cliff House. They claim there is a planned attempt to rescue the accused in the case and destroy evidence. Siddharth’s father, Jayaprakash, stated that the reinstatement of suspended students is part of this alleged effort. Siddharth’s Family Protest aims to bring the promised CBI probe into the murder before the accused destroys the evidence.

Doubts and Allegations

According to Jayaprakash, the order for a CBI inquiry was merely a “silly gimmick” by Pinaray to silence the family when public outrage over Siddharth’s death was strong. However, he alleges that not even a letter has been sent to Delhi requesting an investigation. Jayaprakash suspects the suspended individuals were reinstated to hamper the case by destroying evidence. He also accused MM Mani of intervening to save one of the accused students.

While the Chief Minister had assured a CBI probe, Jayaprakash claims the Vice-Chancellor is taking action without legal advice and conspiring to overturn the case. He plans to approach the Governor and has decided to protest before the Chief Minister’s residence this week.

“The government’s announcement of a CBI investigation was a plot to silence us. They knew that if we stayed quiet, everyone would,” Jayaprakash said. He alleges the election was the next consideration, and the government did everything to cool tensions. However, the family vowed not to back down and will go to any lengths with their protest.

Questions Unanswered

Siddharth had reportedly been a victim of ragging for months. His father questions the need for “such a cruel organization” like the SFI, whose state head used to camp at the college. He wonders why the police are not acting despite the anti-ragging report, alleging evidence is being destroyed despite no CBI probe.

After a meeting with the Chief Minister on March 9th, Jayaprakash stated the assurance of a CBI investigation. However, it has not come. He had informed the CM of his suspicions of foul play in his son’s death, saying, “Someone is pressing. A charge of murder should be added against the Dean and the Assistant Warden.”

Jayaprakash has said the college should reopen only after a decision on the case. He had expressed faith in the CM’s assurance of a CBI inquiry and conveyed his suspicions about his son’s death.

Recently, the Vice-Chancellor canceled disciplinary actions taken by Pookode authorities against students involved in Siddharth’s brutal ragging and mob trial. This allows all accused the opportunity for further studies, although such decisions require legal advice that was not sought.

No action was taken against the female student who allegedly instigated the attack on Siddharth and her accomplice. Reports state Siddharth was brutally beaten atop a hill in front of another female student, who also faced no consequences. Meanwhile, 33 students are being reinstated.

Transfer Plans and Continuing Investigations

Due to their alleged administrative influence, plans are underway to transfer the controversial female students to another veterinary college. Some individuals believed involved in Siddharth’s death are also preparing for college transfers to complete their studies.

While the CBI has not begun its probe into Siddharth’s death, the family alleges a handover order has not been issued. New developments continue to unfold in this high-profile case amid allegations of interference and destruction of evidence.

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