Siddharth’s Death: Shocking Revelations and Allegations Surface

From Frozen Bodies to Cook's Accusations: Unraveling the Mystery Surrounding Siddharth's Demise and Alleged Foul Play

Thiruvananthapuram: In a crucial revelation regarding the death of Siddharth, a student at Pookod Veterinary University, James, the college cook, has disclosed that Siddharth had already passed away. The revelation occurred before his body was brought down. The statement could significantly impact the case if the CBI takes over the investigation.

Allegations and Dean’s Presence

James, who was among those who helped remove and carry the body, alleges that the individuals accompanying him were the same ones who had beaten Siddharth. Moreover, the Dean was nearby when the body was taken down, and everything transpired in the Dean’s presence. According to James, the body was frozen, and the deceased was brought down only after confirming the death. James also assisted in the subsequent procedures.

Students’ Reactions and Police Involvement

He further stated that the children fled after learning of Siddharth’s demise, while the accused who had assaulted him remained present in greater numbers. James claims ignorance about not informing the police, saying he was told the body was being moved as per the police’s instructions. After receiving information about Siddharth’s passing, James went to the bathroom. Although he had gone home on the night of the assault, he was aware that the beating had occurred before Siddharth’s death.

James described Siddharth as a student who treated everyone with love. The revelation was aired by Reporter TV, strengthening allegations that attempts were made to destroy evidence despite knowledge of Siddharth’s death. Consequently, the Dean is also likely to face accusations in the case.

Details from the Anti-Ragging Squad

Meanwhile, the report of the Anti-Ragging Squad regarding Siddharth’s death has been released, stating that he faced brutal beatings. According to the report, 18 individuals assaulted Siddharth at various locations starting the night of February 16. First, he was taken to a nearby hill and beaten, followed by assaults near a water tank and in hostel room number 21. The Anti-Ragging Squad recorded statements from 97 students, but the report notes that most were unwilling to disclose information. Siddharth’s family believes these beatings caused his death, and the cook’s revelation seems to corroborate this.

Description of Assault and Witness Accounts

Sinjo Johnson, the alleged main accused, brutally beat Siddharth. He grabbed Siddharth by the neck, kicking him repeatedly in the stomach and back. Additionally, Siddharth was forced to walk through the hostel corridor wearing only his underwear. Several students testified to hearing screams. He was also beaten with a belt and a glue gun wire and made to publicly apologize, forced to sit in an imaginary chair. He fell several times due to his inability to sit. Remarkably, the report states that despite 130 people residing in the men’s hostel, over a hundred claimed not to have witnessed any of these incidents.

Systemic Failures and Government Action

Furthermore, the report indicates that many students hesitated to reveal the facts. Two children admitted in 2019 and 2022 were previously molested, unbeknownst to the authorities. The government announced an inquiry and issued an order in light of these developments. Siddharth’s family met with Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Saturday, demanding an investigation into the conspiracy surrounding the incident. And Kerala govermnet ordered a CBI investigation following the meeting.

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