Siddharth’s death external involvement calls for a fair CBI probe

Demanding Justice Amidst Allegations of External Influence and Corruption

Thiruvananthapuram: There is no mention of student Akshay in the critical report of the Anti-Ranging Squad on the death of Pookod Veterinary University student Siddharth. The ragging squad did not take the statement of Siddharth’s family. In this situation, Siddharth’s family confirmed external involvement in his death and took a tough stand in a fair probe. Two people were behind the coup in this case. One was a political leader in Idukki called ‘Ashan’. Another is a ministerial employee of the Police Commissioner’s office.

From the beginning, the family has been saying that Akshay was a very close friend of Siddharth. Still, Akshay was at the forefront of beating Siddharth. Police have not arrested or listed Akshay as a suspect in their reports. Siddharth’s father, Jayaprakash, is also expressing doubts about the absence of Aksha’s name in the Anti-Ranging Squad report, which has just come out. Akshay is the son of a planter in Idukki. His father has high political connections. Along with this comes the intervention of the mother of the girl who filed a false complaint against Siddharth. She is an officer of the commissioner’s office and has high connections with the police.

Even today, Siddharth’s father reiterated that Akshay is not a witness in the case; Akshay has a role in it, and Akshay is the accused. A friend who was very close to his son. Jayaprakash had earlier stated that he had spoken to them on the phone even when he was being beaten up but had not seen him or spoken to him on the phone since his son’s death. Siddharth’s mother also repeats the same name many times. Allegations suggest that someone is shielding Akshay, whose current whereabouts remain unclear. There was an attempt to kill Siddharth on the train.

Urgency for Comprehensive CBI Investigation

In this situation, further CBI investigation becomes crucial. The investigation will reach that girl and Siddharth’s friends, the cheaters. The CBI takes up the fast-paced investigation, which leads to many twists. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan quickly accepted his father’s demand because it was Lok Sabha election time. Everyone thinks that this will backfire, even in the Lok Sabha. The CPM also supported the CBI probe. This is the battle victory of Siddharth’s father. The fact is that Pinarayi absorbed his father’s pain.

The family of student JS Siddharth, who was discovered deceased at Pookode Veterinary College following a mob trial, held a meeting with Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. Siddharth’s father and uncle met the Chief Minister. After the meeting, Siddharth’s father, T. Jayaprakash, stated that the Chief Minister accepted the demand for a CBI investigation and assured him that the case would be handed over to the CBI. Jayaprakash also said that they had informed the Chief Minister about their suspicions regarding the death of their son. Siddharth’s father wants an investigation into the murder attempt on the train as well.

 Siddharth’s Father’s Statement

“A murder case should be filed against the Dean and the Assistant Warden. Not enough suspension. They should be dismissed from service, and the case should be investigated. Since 2019, there have been many suicides in the college. It should all be investigated. Only then should the college be allowed to function. The senior student, who is the son of a gynaecologist at Nedumangad government hospital, was involved in Siddharth’s death. A student named Akshay also has a role. Aksha’s father is a politician and a planter. Akshay should be brought to the counter list. Akshay is not a witness but a defendant. I’m pretty sure. Jayaprakash said. Jayaprakash also demanded an end to the hunger strike by Youth Congress workers seeking justice for Siddharth as the CBI investigation has been assured.

Harrowing Details of Siddharth’s Ordeal

Siddharth was found dead in the bathroom of the hostel on February 18. According to reports, Siddharth faced mob trial, brutal beating and mental torture. An eyewitness student said that Siddharth was brutally beaten from the 14th to the 18th of this month. He was beaten up naked in front of 130 students in the hostel. 2 Beat until the belts broke. Then, iron wire and wires were applied. The student said he was threatened with death if he spoke out. The student also explained that the college dean and the hostel warden knew everything. All of this will be decisive in the CBI investigation as well.

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