Influence, Arrests, and Doubts: Siddharth’s Case Hangs in the Balance

Fortune Tellers, Left-Wing Faculty, and Police Suspicions Cloud the Quest for Justice

Kozhikode: Siddharth’s case investigation is in crisis due to the Kerala police’s slow-moving tactics. Six accused individuals were initially taken into police custody and questioned after the case was handed over to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). However, the argument is that this was an effort to teach them the statement to be given to the CBI.

Delays and Allegations

Shockingly, the CBI has yet to take up the case even after many days have passed. The main alleged conspirator, a student, has not been arrested by the police. Efforts are being made to save this girl and her friend. The state police investigation stalled after the case was transferred to the CBI.

On March 9, when the CBI investigation was announced, two more suspects were arrested. Police claimed that the arrest of all 20 people involved in the incident had been completed. Since then, there has been no progress in the investigation. The girls involved must be arrested even at the first investigation stage. But that has not happened so far, as one girl’s mother is an employee at the commissioner’s office. Allegations suggest that the police relationship is behind excusing the alleged girl from any legal action.

Concerns and Allegations

Siddharth’s relatives alleged that until the CBI arrives, the police are not attempting to include all the accused and are avoiding potential loss of evidence. There are also complaints against the police for conspiracy to destroy evidence.

T. Jayaprakash, Siddharth’s father, says that the person who handled Siddharth’s mobile phone during the beating has not been questioned so far. Siddharth was found dead in the hostel washroom on February 18. The postmortem report states that he was brutally beaten before his death.

No one knows if the CBI will take over this case. Witnesses in this case are more likely to be influenced, as few accused are free from arrest. Left-leaning teachers are also ahead in attempting to influence witnesses after the college reopens. All of this increases the possibility of the case being overturned.

Institutional Failures

The college’s anti-ragging squad found that the Student Federation of India (SFI) leaders were directly related to the death and were arrested. Vaithiri police stated that the investigation is continuing under the supervision of Kalpatta DySP TN Sajeevan.

Meanwhile, evidence of the settlement of ragging complaints at Pookode Veterinary University has emerged. This information was revealed by a student who was brutally assaulted in 2021. The student said he filed a complaint with the Police against ragging but later settled without filing a case. Instead, a case was filed against him in revenge.

The complaint was filed with the Anti-Ragging Squad and included photographs of the victim. However, the Police accepted the complaint without registering an FIR. The student claims he was forced to write that there was no complaint after filing a complaint with [olice.

Kasinathan and Amal Isaan, accused in the Siddharth case, had the full support of the college. The teachers also allegedly went to the police station to settle the case. The teachers locked the classroom, and many people threatened the students. The girls were mistreated, and the students signed statements claiming nothing had happened. All batch students signed these statements due to immense pressure to withdraw the complaint. Eventually, the complaint was withdrawn.

Witness Accounts

The student stated, “The complaint had to be withdrawn because of the girls. I am forced to write that nothing happened. It now seems that the case should not have been withdrawn. Had they proceeded with the case, they would have been punished. Whatever happens, it will be done in the name of the girls. The name of the drug will also be given. Everyone will back off because they are too lazy to go after it. That’s what’s happening there.” The student told the reporter that he was beaten up near the water tank where Siddharth was beaten.

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