Siddharth is the victim of SFI Mob Trial: Unwritten laws and barbric punishments in the Kerala campuses

Exploring the Culture of Violence and Injustice in Kerala's Educational Institutions

Kalpetta: Police said an unwritten rule exists at the Pookode Veterinary College hostel. According to this law Siddhartha was summoned, and the mob conducted a trial. After the trial, his sentence was decreed. Mob trials and sentencing are everyday affairs on SFI campuses. The police remand report confirms this argument. Here comes the importance of the central agency’s investigation to determine who lurks behind the unwritten law.

Siddharth’s Ordeal

A student named Danish called Siddharth to resolve a complaint filed by a female student. Siddharth made his way back home for the holiday. After hearing the words of the Danish, Siddarth returned to college and became the victim of the mob trial. The final verdict of that trial resulted in brutal beatings and imprisonment being pronounced. This remains from the SFI’s prosecution under the hostel’s unwritten law.

The remand report makes severe allegations against the 18 accused. According to the report, Danish called to resolve a girl’s complaint against Siddharth. He offered Siddharth the possibility that it could be determined according to the rules of kangaroo courts in the college. In reality, most SFI-controlled colleges all over the state work similarly.

Siddharth expected a harmless resolution to the complaint against him. But the trial was brutal and done according to the barbaric law of torture – insults and beatings of semi-naked students. Public trials follow unwritten rules to weaponize people with cables and belts. In the police remand report, please the court not to grant bail. The accused may influence witnesses.

Urgency for Investigation

Meanwhile, Governor Arif Muhammad Khan wants a judicial inquiry into the case. He also wants agencies to investigate whether terrorist groups influenced the college.

Audio emerged of Siddharth’s friend saying classmates brutally beat him to death like a dog, openly in the hostel. His close friends and batchmates allegedly participated in the heinous crime. The audio went to Siddharth’s uncle Shibu and the police. The message says that they pretend to act for good, but it is worse than vultures.

The police remand report suggests this audio is accurate. Teachers say the SFI group controls the Pookod campus; authorities are helpless. For most, party loyalty determines student treatment. Unloyal students fear its impact.

Following Saturday’s arrests, all 18 accused are in custody. Sinjo, Ajay, Altaf, Kashinathan, Danish and Adityan were among those arrested. Sinjo was caught before surrendering to court. Ajay hid in Bengaluru but was located by Inspector Jose’s team. A special team under the Inspector and SHO found Altaf at a relative’s house. Kashinathan caved in under police pressure. Kalpetta DYSP Sajeev is leading the investigation under District Police Chief Narayanan.

Accusations have been made against SFI members, including unit secretary Amal Ihsan and college president Arun, who surrendered yesterday.

Arrests and Allegations

Police arrested all 18 accused students involved in the crime. But Siddharth’s death shows deeper issues remain. Mob violence and unwritten rules have no place in colleges. There must be justice for Siddharth and changes to prevent future tragedies. In Kerala, there is a need for safe campuses that protect students’ lives and rights.

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