Sibling Strife: Muralidharan Opposes Padmaja’s BJP Move

Unveiling the Family Feud and Political Tensions

Kozhikode: In the wake of the campaign surrounding Padmaja Venugopal’s potential move to join the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), her brother, K. Muralidharan MP, has entered the arena and stated that his father’s spirit would not tolerate Padmaja’s decision. He would no longer maintain a sisterly relationship with her.

Muralidharan asserted that Padmaja’s addition to the BJP would not benefit the party in the slightest. He emphasized that the Congress party has always given priority to Padmaja. He dismisses allegations surrounding her election defeat as false. Muralidharan questioned whether an election loss should be attributed to individuals stepping on their feet.

Muralidharan Defends Congress

Defending the Congress party’s stance, Muralidharan highlighted that they had given priority to Padmaja. In Mukundapuram, where K. Karunakaran won by 52,000 votes, Padmaja lost to Nambatan by one and a half lakh votes. Similarly, in Ramakrishna’s constituency, he won the seat by 12,000 votes, but Padmaja lost by 7,000 votes. In the last Assembly election, she lost in Thrissur by a narrow margin of 1,000 votes. Muralidharan stated, “It’s a choice that some individuals lose by stepping on. So many people have followed me. I have not gone to complain.”

Muralidharan dismissed the reasons cited by Padmaja as baseless, questioning whether Congress is not a party that has grown substantially. He pointed out that when Karunakaran left Congress, he did not compromise with the BJP or the LDF. Muralidharan emphasized that K. Karunakaran never reconciled with communalism. Stating that the notion of the BJP gaining someone from Karunakaran’s family is saddening to secularists.

Challenges and Ideals: Karunakaran’s Legacy

Regardless of what the party did or did not provide, Muralidharan stated that it should have been remembered that when Karunakaran was taken to the pyre, there was a blanket flag present. He acknowledged facing numerous challenges but maintained that he did not join the BJP because of them. Muralidharan highlighted that his father had experienced many financial hardships. Still, even when he had to leave the party at one point, he respected Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi and did not forget them.

Political Stand: Secularism Over Everything

When the party split in 1978, an event considered the end of his political career, Karunakaran stood by Indira Gandhi. Muralidharan stated that Padmaja’s current decision could not be accepted under any circumstances, and he would no longer maintain a relationship with her. He acknowledged the presence of individuals who would encourage and laugh at the situation but affirmed his awareness of them. Muralidharan said that he would contest in Vadakara, and people would know his stance against communalism. He also questioned whether those working at home should be given more consideration.

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