Shocking Revelations by former PTA president: SFI’s Reign of Terror in Pookode University

Exposing the Dominance and Intimidation Tactics of SFI in Pookode University

Wayanad: There are strong concerns that the case of Pookode Veterinary College student’s death will weaken under the current police investigation. The accused has not been charged with murder, criminal conspiracy or even attempted murder. Even though there is speculation about Siddharth’s cause of death, the brutal beating in the hostel was equivalent to attempted murder. It is also severe that he was denied food and water.

Conspiracy and Lack of Charges

However, the accused only faces mild charges like assault and causing injury with a weapon. The police FIR confirms the allegations against Siddharth’s father that police are charging SFI workers to protect them from serious charges. The girl who instigated the public trial against Siddharth is not a defendant and has not come under investigation so far. All of this is seen as a plot to undermine the case.

According to the remand report, a group operated in the hostel per unwritten rules. The report states the possibility of conspiracy should be examined. Per the autopsy, Siddharth’s organs were fatally damaged due to the physical torture. The truth is that he has been called back from his way back home. Once he returned, SFI started the trial and decreed the punishment that ended in the loss of his life. But police have not found evidence of a conspiracy. Siddharth’s recall stems from a conspiracy following her complaint from a female student.

Police claim the case won’t be weakened since charges are pending under the Anti-Ragging Act. They say more suspects will be arrested and charges added later. Meanwhile, ex-PTA president Kunjamu confirmed previous harassment incidents at the college. He said SFI ran a “courtroom” on campus.

Other Student Organisations are barred

Other groups like KSU were barred from operating on that campus by SFI goons. He stated Siddharth was the final victim. After his son refused SFI membership, they wrote “SFI Zindabad” in his room with his blood. They forced him into SFI enrollment via ragging threats. Kunjamu did not intervene then, fearing his son’s studies would suffer.

Kunjamu said Pookode Veterinary College has long been plagued by SFI violence. CCTV is needed to prevent it. The hostel was an “SFI red fort.” Even nonpolitical students were forced into SFI. Che Guevara pictures were placed in first-year students’ rooms, and slogans were mandated. It refutes claims that only one or two SFI members were involved.

Urgent Need for Investigation and Reform

Kunjamu’s revelations make clear the need for a full investigation and accountability into Siddharth’s death. Only through justice can the campus heal and enact reforms to protect student safety and democratic rights.

The weak charges filed against the accused in Siddharth’s tragic death raise alarms that justice may not be served. While he endured brutal beatings and deprivation, those responsible faced only minor counts. The failure to charge the female accuser and thoroughly investigate a potential conspiracy suggests efforts to undermine the case.

For the grieving family and college community to have closure, authorities must thoroughly probe the remand report’s findings and accounts of systemic SFI hazing and violence. CCTV, new safety policies, and democratic reforms are urgently needed to protect students from further tragedy. Only by confronting the truth and enacting change can healing and accountability come to Pookode Veterinary College.

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