SFI’s Vendetta: Unraveling the Tragic Tale of Siddharth’s Dance

From Valentine's Day Dispute to Brutal Talibanism: The Disturbing Saga Unfolds

Thiruvananthapuram: SFI brutality on Siddharth, a Pookode University student Siddharth is reminiscent of Taliban-style brutality. The SFI gang allegedly subjected him to a brutal mob trial. Members of the gang arrested him at his college hostel. Unsettling claims may be found in a plea that M.R. Sheeba, Siddharth’s mother, submitted to the Chief Minister. As a result of her demands, the government directed the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to look into the situation.

Allegations and Investigations

Meanwhile, the girl who initially lodged a false complaint against Siddharth has gone into hiding. Those responsible for Siddharth’s ordeal are believed to be afraid that the truth will emerge if he testifies before the Anti-Ragging Committee. Nevertheless, the CBI is expected to take over the investigation soon.

According to Sheeba’s petition, her 20-year-old son’s death was caused by the brutal mob trial led by SFI leaders and union officials at the college from February 16th to 18th. North Indian students were the first to reveal the harrowing details of Siddharth’s ordeal. He was allegedly brutally beaten with a belt and cable while completely nude in front of other dormitory inmates. It is not credible to accept the assertion that Siddharth took his life because he died from his untreated internal injuries.

Valentine’s Day Dance

The incident stemmed from Siddharth dancing with a girl on Valentine’s Day. The act displeased SFI unit secretary Amal Ishan and college union representative Asif Khan. Reportedly, as an act of revenge, they attacked Siddharth under the leadership of Amal. For three days, they continued their assault, denying him food. Shockingly, they were prepared to insult Siddharth further and file a false complaint to protect the culprits. Six SFI activists who were Siddharth’s classmates are also alleged to have been involved in the crime. Mysteriously, the same girl who danced with Siddharth filed a complaint against him after his death. Furthermore, it is alleged that the college teachers and student union attempted to cover up the incident by destroying evidence and portraying it as a suicide.

The report of the anti-ragging squad regarding Siddharth’s death has shed light on the brutal beating he endured. According to the report, Siddharth was beaten by 18 people at various locations. Notably, the students were accompanied by the dean and the assistant warden when they gave their statements to the police. However, most teachers abstained from testifying before the inquiry committee. At the same time, approximately 85 boys appeared before the committee. However, only four teachers and students provided their statements. This report will undoubtedly play a crucial role in the CBI investigation.

SFI’s Execution

The beatings began on the night of February 16th. Initially, Siddharth was taken to a nearby hilltop and assaulted. Subsequently, he was beaten near a water tank and in room number 21 of the hostel. The anti-ragging squad recorded statements from 97 students, but the report states that the majority were reluctant to disclose information. Sinjo Johnson, believed to be the main accused, brutally beat Siddharth, grabbing him by the neck and repeatedly kicking him in the stomach and back. Siddharth was also forced to walk through the hostel corridor wearing only his underwear, as several students testified to hearing his screams.

The report further reveals that Siddharth was beaten with a belt and the wire of a glue gun. He was publicly humiliated, forced to apologize, and made to sit in an imaginary chair, falling several times due to his injuries. Astonishingly, despite having 130 residents in the men’s hostel, more than a hundred claimed not to have witnessed any of these events. The report also states that many students hesitated to reveal the facts. Only two students admitted in 2019 and 2022 had been molested earlier, unbeknownst to the authorities.

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