SC/ST Commission’s Intervention and Legal Maneuvers Against Sathyabhama

Ramakrishna's Lawyer, Dowry Harassment Allegations, and Familial Involvement

The State Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Commission has directed the state police chief to submit a report within 10 days regarding the incident where Kalamandalam Satyabhama allegedly made casteist remarks against black artists. The commission received a complaint seeking legal action against Satyabhama for his divisive remarks, which prompted them to issue the directive. As a result, she could be the target of legal action under the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.

Response from RLV Ramakrishnan

Meanwhile, dancer RLV Ramakrishnan has stated that he will seek all legal assistance and intends to act strongly against those who have leveled allegations against him. Ramakrishnan plans to consult with his lawyer on Monday regarding this matter.

The Human Rights Commission also registered a case after the issue gained attention. RLV claimed that Satyabhama’s remarks were directed at him, and Ramakrishnan has also filed a complaint. Additionally, Satyabhama’s relatives have demanded a reinvestigation into the dowry harassment case filed by her daughter-in-law with the Thiruvananthapuram Cantonment Police.

They allege that the police colluded and sabotaged the initial investigation. Given the current situation, Satyabhama and her son may face arrest in this case.

In her defense, Satyabhama denied using casteist slurs but acknowledged that she may have made objectionable statements when questioned by channel workers. She claimed that even her talented black students, including children, do not receive prizes. Satyabhama also stated that she was advised not to contest the allegations as it could cause trouble for the children. However, she maintained that her interview on the YouTube channel clearly explains her stance and intentions.

Dowry Harassment Allegations

Satyabhama and her son’s dowry harassment case seems to be a growing concern. The daughter-in-law’s accusation led to the Thiruvananthapuram Cantonment Police opening a case on November 2, 2022. She said that to get Rs. 10 lakh and property, Satyabhama and her son subjected her to physical and psychological abuse.

The complainant, who was remarried to Satyabhama’s son, claimed she could only stay at Satyabhama’s house for five days despite giving 35 pawns of gold as dowry. From the day she arrived, Satyabhama and her alcoholic son allegedly harassed her, citing insufficient dowry. The husband demanded that the woman’s house and property be registered in his name, which Satyabhama supported.

On October 10, 2022, the woman was taken to her home to meet her needs. The next day, her father and others visited Satyabhama’s house in Kunnukuzhi, Vanchiyur. However, the first accused (Satyabhama’s son) allegedly beat the woman’s father. Satyabhama purportedly beat the young woman in front of her father, and her son broke the woman’s thali (mangalsutra) and slapped her. According to the FIR, he threw her clothes out of the house and told her not to stay there anymore.

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