Sawad’s Dual Identities Unveiled: Birth Certificates Open a Pandora’s Box in the case

Seven Years in Hiding: Sawad's Arrest from Muslim League Stronghold Raises Questions on Concealed Lives and Investigation Trails

In the heart of Kannur, an unsettling tale unfolds, wrapped in mystery for seven long years. Savad, the mysterious figure at the center of the heinous hand-chopping case involving Professor TJ Joseph, has recently reemerged, casting shadows over the lapses in the investigation. As we delve into this perplexing narrative, we are encountered with a tale of hiding, inaccessible twists, and a persistent question – how did Savad manage to evade authorities for such an extended period?

Seven years have elapsed since Savad’s heinous act. This crime sent shockwaves through the community and left Professor TJ Joseph scarred for life. The incident, which occurred thirteen years ago, seemed to fade into the past until Savad resurfaced. And bringing the case back into the public eye. The complexities of this narrative raise poignant questions about the efficacy of the investigation and the persistence of secrets in the shadows.

The Elusive Journey
After severing ties with normalcy by disabling Professor Joseph’s palm, Sawad embarked on a mysterious journey that spanned geographical and societal boundaries. From the quiet town of Kunchathur on the Karnataka border, he traversed to Valapatnam manna in Kasaragod. Started working as a labourer and navigating life in relative anonymity. However, Popular Front reached him, connecting him to Valakotto near Tillankeri and eventually to the intriguing locale of Mattannur.

Mattannur Bere, an area strongly influenced by the Muslim League, became Sawad’s covert haven. In this complicated landscape, he assumed the alias of Shah Jahan. And made an intricate web of concealment. Local CPM leader Naufal recalls the peculiar aura surrounding Savad, who claimed the title of Shah Jahan and avoided direct interactions with others. Living on the edge, away from public events, Savad cultivated an air of mystery, leaving the community to speculate about his true identity and motivations.

Locales of Secrecy
The mystique surrounding Mattannur Bere deepened as reports emerged that Savad reached this destination after traversing different states. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) is now tasked with unravelling the intricate web of assistance that facilitated Savad’s prolonged evasion. The area where Popular Front leaders are believed to have played a role in his concealment has become a focal point of the investigation.

As Savad quietly settled in Berat in the Mattannur municipality, he continued in the society. Some Popular Front leaders in Mattannur reportedly aided him in securing a rented house, further emphasizing the cloak of secrecy that surrounded him. Each rental agreement was meticulously crafted in the name of his wife. It was a strategic move to avoid unnecessary attention, as renting a house in his name would have required revealing identification details.

The Unraveling Investigation
The NIA’s investigation is a testament to the complexity of this case. The agency is scrutinizing the mobile phones found in Savad’s possession. They hope to trace the individuals who aided him during his years in hiding. As the investigation widens, former Popular Front activists and followers, both within India and abroad, find themselves under the purview of the NIA. The gravity of the situation extends beyond the confines of Kerala, hinting at an intricate network that transcends borders.

Criticism and Police Oversight
Amidst the intricacies of this case, criticisms have arisen concerning the Kerala Police’s failure to apprehend Savad during his lengthy concealment in Mattanur and Iritti. Despite exhaustive searches, Savad remained elusive, leaving authorities grappling for leads. The expanded scope of the NIA’s investigation underscores the gravity of the situation, as it now encompasses individuals associated with the Popular Front. This organization has faced bans yet continues to operate clandestinely.

As the enigma surrounding Savad’s prolonged evasion unravels, the questions persist. Was his stay abroad a ruse, a smokescreen designed to divert the investigation’s course? The intricate tale of Savad’s elusive odyssey demands an exhaustive exploration of the hand amputation case’s intricate folds. The shadows may dissipate, revealing the concealed truths that have lingered for seven long years. In this complex narrative, justice seeks to pierce the veil of secrecy and bring to light the untold chapters of a case that continues to baffle and disturb the collective conscience.

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