Ranjith Srinivasan: A Disturbing Hit List Revelation and the Unveiling of Terrorism

Rare Murder, Conspiracy Evidence, and the Shocking First Entry in a Deadly List

Alappuzha: Mavelikkara Additional District Sessions Court, delivering a death sentence verdict, marks legal closure for Ranjith Srinivasan, sealing the fate of the accused in the BJP leader’s murder case. The decisive ruling by Judge V.G. Sridevi brings an end to a case marred by brutality and extensive conspiracies.

Key Points

  • The historic verdict grands capital punishment to all 15 accused, marking a pivotal moment in pursuing justice.
  • Accuses 1 to 8 were directly involved in the terrible murder, Accuses 9 to 12 helped them, and Accuses 13, 14, and 15 planned the plot.
  • A comprehensive investigation by Alappuzha DYSP NR Jayaraj revealed the case that influenced the court’s decisive verdict.

The solemn corridors of justice resonated with the weight of a historic decision as Mavelikkara Additional Sessions Judge V.G. Sridevi pronounced a death sentence for all accused in the murder of Ranjith Srinivasan. The court’s earlier assertion that the accused deserved the maximum penalty set the stage for this decisive judgment.

Decisive Verdict

Accused 1 to 8, identified as the perpetrators of the murder within Ranjith’s residence, were found guilty of the heinous act. Accused 9 to 12 provided assistance and directed the conspiracy. And accused 13, 14, 15 also faced charges of murder, emphasizing the severity of their involvement.

Brutal Act

On December 19, 2021, when Ranjith Srinivasan fell victim to a relentless attack with a hammer orchestrated by Popular Front supporters. The court’s verdict reflects the gravity of this crime committed in front of his mother, wife, and daughter.

Legal Proceedings

The prosecution presented a compelling case, emphasizing the rare nature of the crime and advocating for the maximum punishment. Ranjith’s murder, linked to a hit list originating from a previous killing in Vayalar, unraveled a complex web of conspiracies that became pivotal in the court’s decision.

In-depth Investigation

Alappuzha DYSP NR Jayaraj spearheaded a thorough investigation, compiling a robust charge sheet featuring around 1,000 documents and over 100 evidentiary materials. Fingerprint analysis, scientific evidence, CCTV footage, and route maps created with Google Maps played crucial roles in shaping the outcome.

Conspiracy Unveiled

The prosecution argued that the accused, belonging to the Popular Front, meticulously planned and conspired to kill Ranjith Srinivasan. Specially trained individuals deliberately executed the murder, highlighting the depth of the sinister plot.

The conclusion of the death sentence verdict, culminating in legal proceedings, signifies  legal closure for Ranjith Srinivasan. The court’s decision not only establishes accountability for a reprehensible act but also acts as a deterrent against heinous conspiracies. As the echoes of justice resound, it brings a semblance of closure to the grieving family, sending a stern message against acts of terror.

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