Tragedy Strikes: Vellayani Lake Claims Lives of Three Students

A Heart-Wrenching Tale of Loss and Calls for Safety Measures

Thiruvananthapuram: The Vellayani Lake witnessed a devastating incident today. The sorrowful event unfolded during a midday outing, casting a somber cloud over the state. Three students from Vettukad, attendees of Venganur Christ College, met an untimely demise in the waters of Vellayani Lake. Their names, Mukundanunni (19), Ferdin (19), and Lebanon (19), now resonate in a narrative marked by the Vellayani Lake tragedy.

Details of the Incident:

The fateful accident occurred as the students ventured into the lake for a bath. Accompanied by another student, the group had chosen Vavva Moola in Thiruvananthapuram Vellayani Kayal as their recreational spot for the holiday. Despite being a frequented bathing site, locals had previously flagged it as a danger zone.

The tragedy struck when, during their bath, three students became trapped in the mud and subsequently drowned. The fourth student, witnessing the distressing turn of events, managed to escape the difficult situation and promptly alerted nearby residents. Responding to the distress call, locals rushed to the scene, extracting the lifeless bodies of the three unfortunate students.

Local Perspective:

Residents in the area highlighted the difficult conditions of the lake. And emphasize its reputation as a danger zone despite being a popular bathing spot. The mud-covered bodies of the deceased students were a poignant testament to the challenges faced by those attempting to enjoy the waters.

Response and Investigation:

Fire and police units arrived on the scene quickly after the accident. The occurrence has forced officials to look more closely at safety precautions at these kinds of recreational locations, and they will probably look into what exactly led to the sad drowning.

The incident serves as a reminder of the need for heightened awareness and safety protocols in well-traveled yet potentially dangerous regions. The community mourns the deaths of young people and urges the government to step in and put an end to tragedies like this one in the future.

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