PVR Cinemas’ Standoff: Producers Demand Digital Content Inclusion

The Rift Deepens as FEFKA Joins the Fray in Kochi Forum Mall

Kochi: The FEFKA Directors Union has protested against PVR Cinemas’ withdrawal of Malayalam films. FEFKA has accused PVR of unfair practices. PVR’s move is a setback for new films and directors. They stated that if there is no resolution, they will escalate the protest. PVR is a major multiplex chain with theaters across Kerala, so the unavailability of Malayalam films in these theaters will significantly impact box office collections.

Controversy Surrounding Digital Content Projection

Two days ago, the PVR theater chain decided to stop booking and screening upcoming Malayalam releases leading up to Vishu. This is related to an ongoing controversy surrounding digital content projection. Traditionally, UFO and Cube companies would master the digital content of Malayalam movies and deliver it to theaters. However, Malayalam film producers have complained that these companies are charging exorbitant rates. This is where the conflict originated.

Malayalam cinema has been experiencing a resurgence after a prolonged lull. There have been numerous hits this year, and the Vishu season has three super hit releases lined up – Jai Ganesh and other eagerly anticipated films. Meanwhile, PVR has implemented this ban.

Producers’ Demand

Digital service providers collect fees from both producers and theater owners to deliver digital prints. The Producers’ Association argues that when a film can be delivered to theaters at a cost of less than Rs 6,000 through the Producer’s Digital Content system, there is no justification for paying high amounts to these intermediaries. The problem escalated when Malayalam producers started exploring the producer-led digital content system.

Producers have demanded that digital content be used in newly constructed theaters. The rift started when PVR was asked to utilize this producer-led content system in their newly opened theaters on Kochi’s Forum Mall.

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