Pookode Veterinary University Tragedy Unravels: Mystery Surrounds Complaint Against Siddharth

Focus on Missing Thrissur Girl as CBI Probes University Incident; Uncertainty Looms Over College Reopening

A shocking incident has come to light at Pookode Veterinary University, where a second-year graduate student, J.S. Siddharth, was found brutally beaten to death. The circumstances surrounding his demise are wrapped in mystery. A complaint was filed against Siddharth by another student in the name of an unidentified girl.

The University Grants Commission’s (UGC) anti-ragging squad was summoned to investigate the complaint against Siddharth. However, the girl who filed the complaint failed to appear for questioning. As the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) prepares to delve into this case, the missing girl from Thrissur will be the primary focus of their interrogation.

Shedding Light on the Investigation

The anti-ragging squad has already recorded testimonies from 97 individuals associated with the university. Notably, one student alleged that the dean had instructed Siddharth not to disclose details of the brutal beating and physical abuse he endured before his tragic death. The allegation was made during the squad’s investigation, prompted by complaints from the anti-ragging helpline. This is mentioned in their interim report. Consequently, the dean’s involvement in this case appears to be implicated.

Furthermore, if the student who made the allegation against the dean provides a statement to the CBI, the dean could become an accused. Adding to the gravity of the situation, a video of the dean’s speech has also surfaced.

Eyewitness Accounts

One student revealed to the squad that some college authorities were present when police took statements regarding Siddharth’s death. The UGC Anti-Ragging Squad interviewed students, teachers, and staff on February 26, 27, 28, and March 1. During these interviews, some students disclosed the events that unfolded after Siddharth left for home on the 15th of the previous month. He returned to campus the next day at 8 a.m. after receiving a phone call from the accused, Rehan Binoy.

On the afternoon of the 18th, Siddharth was nowhere to be seen in his room, and the bathroom door remained locked. One student recounted kicking open the bathroom door, only to find Siddharth hanging lifeless. The interim report also contained testimonies from students claiming that two other hostel residents endured the same torture as Siddharth. Yet, the authorities failed to take any action. Siddharth was found dead on February 18.

Reopening and Reforms

After remaining closed for five days due to protests by various organizations over Siddharth’s death, Pookode Veterinary College is set to reopen today. The decision follows a meeting with students and parents, during which the college authorities assured parents of their children’s safety on campus. Heightened security measures have been implemented in the boys’ hostel, with more teachers overseeing its operations. Additionally, new reforms are being introduced in the college hostel, including installing CCTV cameras. However, the girl who filed the complaint against Siddharth will unlikely return to college.

Allegations of Brutality

In a shocking revelation, Siddharth’s mother, M.R. Sheeba, alleged that her son was subjected to a brutal mob trial by the leaders of the Student Federation of India (SFI). She likened their actions to those of terrorist organizations and the Taliban. She has submitted a petition to the Chief Minister demanding a thorough investigation. According to Sheeba, she learned about the ordeal her 20-year-old son endured from his classmates.

The family claims that North Indian students were the first to expose the brutality inflicted upon Siddharth. He was allegedly stripped naked in front of his peers in the hostel and beaten with belts and cables. Siddharth’s untreated internal injuries ultimately led to his death, which the family considers murder. In response to these grave allegations, the government has issued a notification for a CBI probe, paving the way for a swift and comprehensive investigation.

As the investigation unfolds, the truth behind Siddharth’s tragic demise and the role of various individuals and organizations involved will come to light. The Pookode Veterinary University community and the general public await justice and accountability for this heinous act.

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