Political Turmoil Unfolds as KSIDC Inquiry Exposes Allegations Against Veena Vijayan and Exalogic

Congress Leader Mathew Kuzhalnathan Demands Transparency Amidst Central Investigation into KSIDC, Unraveling the Intricate Web of Power and Financial Irregularities

In a dramatic twist of political tides, Congress leader and MLA Mathew Kuzhalnathan has thrown down the gauntlet against the Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPM). He demanded answers in the central inquiry surrounding Veena Vijayan and the Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation (KSIDC). The intrigue deepens as Kuzhalnathan questions the CPM’s steadfast defence of Veena Vijayan. He raised concerns about the involvement of the Industries Department in alleged irregularities.

Kuzhalnathan, addressing the media in Kozhikode, emphasized the gravity of the investigation against KSIDC. Contending that Industries Minister P. Rajeev owes the public an explanation. He asserts that the Industries Department might be involved in the irregularities surrounding this mysterious affair.

The spotlight intensifies on Veena Vijayan’s company, Exalogic, as Kuzhalnathan contends that its operations are shrouded in mystery. Resembling a paper company designed for the diversion and laundering of funds. He questions the transparency and legality of Exalogic’s activities. And pointing out the CPM Secretariat’s persistent defence of Veena during previous allegations. The lingering question now echoes: What stance will the CPM adopt in the face of a central inquiry?

Minister Muhammad Riaz’s casual response to legal actions surrounding the arrest of the Youth Congress president raises eyebrows. Prompting Kuzhalnathan to probe whether the minister’s stance remains consistent in the investigation against Veena Vijayan’s company.

The scope of the inquiry expands beyond the realms of CMRL and Exalogic, encompassing the pivotal KSIDC. Despite the central government’s notice to the implicated parties, the lack of a clear response triggers scepticism. Veena Vijayan and Exalogic are seemingly tight-lipped about the central government’s scrutiny. It forces the public to wonder about the information concealed, particularly concerning CMRL.

Kuzhalnathan directed his scrutiny towards Minister P Rajeev, urging transparency regarding the KSIDC’s communication with the central government. Congress leaders boldly posited a query, questioning whether CMRL pocketed funds intended for the state government. The question adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing investigation.

Amidst these allegations, Kuzhalnathan expressed reservations about the thoroughness of previous investigations. Particularly into the gold debt, suggesting that more revelations may emerge in the current inquiry. Despite the uncertainties, he places his faith in the judicial system, anticipating that the truth will ultimately prevail.

The Union Ministry of Corporate Affairs has further heightened the stakes by announcing an inquiry against Veena Vijayan’s company. It appointed a three-member team for a meticulous investigation. The clock is ticking, with the final report expected within four months expect a resolution to this intricate puzzle. Karnataka Deputy Registrar of Companies Varun BS, Chennai Deputy Director K.M. Shankara Narayanan and Pondicherry ROC A Gokulnath lead the charge in the pursuit of truth, following preliminary findings that Exalogic had violated the law.

In the complicated world of politics and business, as the central inquiry unfolds, the intricate dance of power, transparency, and accountability takes centre stage, leaving the public awaiting the unveiling of hidden truths.

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