Police Search Home of Malayalees Found Dead in Arunachal Pradesh Hotel

Investigation Intensifies into Tragic Deaths of Malayalees in Arunachal Pradesh Hotel

Kottayam: Police have searched the home of Netumpoikail Naveen Thomas, a resident of Meenadam. He was among the three individuals discovered dead under mysterious circumstances in a hotel room in Arunachal Pradesh. The search, led by the Vattyoorkav police, is part of the investigation into the mysterious deaths.

The deceased included Arya B. Nair (29), an Ayurvedic doctor from Kottayam’s Meenadam Nedumpoika, and his wife, Vattiyoorkao Triummudu Abhrakuzhi MMRA CRA Kavil Devi (41). They, along with Naveen Thomas, were found dead in a hotel in Arunachal Pradesh’s Siro, located 100 km from the state capital Itanagar.

It is believed that the three individuals may have chosen to end their lives after arranging Arya’s marriage. Arya’s wedding was scheduled for the 7th of the following month, and her father filed a missing person report on the 27th, stating that she had disappeared.

Ongoing Investigation

The police had received information that Naveen, his wife Devi, and their friend Arya were engaged in some form of supernatural beliefs and practices. The investigation team is now working to unravel the mystery surrounding their deaths.

Arya taught at a private school in Srikarya, while Devi also taught. The trio travelled to Arunachal Pradesh on March 27 and checked into a hotel in Siro. In the initial days, they were seen visiting and dining at the restaurant. However, they were not spotted outside the hotel after that, prompting the staff to search for them.

Grim Discoveries

Inside the hotel room, Arya was found lying on the bed, Devi was discovered dead on the floor with a severed nerve, and Naveen’s body was in the bathroom. All three sustained various types of wounds that led to their deaths due to bleeding.

Naveen’s cremation was held yesterday, with his body arriving at his home in Meenadam at 1:30 pm. Devi and Arya were cremated in Thiruvananthapuram on Thursday. Circumstances and motives behind the mysterious deaths of the three individuals can be revealed after the ongoing police investigation.

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