Police investigation in Siddharth’s death creating mystries: Absconding Witnesses and Suspicious Moves

Unraveling the Enigma: Absent Witnesses and Questionable Tactics Amidst Siddharth's Tragic Demise

In a police investigation into Siddharth’s death as a Pookode Veterinary University student, six people have been taken custody for two days by the investigative team amid accusations of subversion. They are the primary suspects in the death of J.S. Siddharth, a second-year graduate student at Pookod Veterinary College. The state government has given the case to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). It is anticipated that a notification will be sent out announcing the impending CBI takeover of the probe.

Police Actions and Public Concerns

In the meantime, Kerala Police is accelerating its investigation, raising whether such efforts are necessary. The six individuals taken into custody are Sinjo Johnson (22), R.S. Kashinathan (25), Amin Akbarali (25), V. Adityan (20), M. Mohammad Danish (23), and E.K. Saud Rizal (21).

Police appear to be making decisive moves after receiving hints that the CBI will take over the case investigation within a week. However, the move has raised suspicions that police are attempting to portray Siddharth’s death as a suicide. Earlier, Siddharth’s family was also summoned and questioned by police.

Investigators have explained that the police are trying to gather maximum evidence. Consequently, the investigation team will approach the court for forensic examination of the seized mobile phones and a cellophane test to check the possibility of murder. Nevertheless, there is a strong sentiment that these actions should have been taken after the CBI’s involvement. While the police can continue their investigation until the CBI arrives, many suspect evidence tampering with this case. Those seeking the truth believe that further investigation should be left to the CBI once they take over.

Police Investigation and Family’s Hope for CBI Intervention

Relatives who arrived at Pookode after learning of Siddharth’s death and were present during the post-mortem procedures provided statements. Additionally, authorities questioned them in detail about the circumstances they observed and the individuals they interacted with upon arrival. Furthermore, the police investigated Siddharth’s death as a murder, inquiring about the reasons behind it.

The unusual move is to hand over the case file with a detailed report when the CBI arrives. After reaching Pookod, the police thoroughly investigated the individuals Siddharth interacted with and the events leading up to his death. Siddharth’s family hopes that the CBI’s involvement will lead to a breakthrough in the case. Police have also documented statements provided by various individuals.

Calls for a Thorough Investigation

Siddharth’s family has reiterated their stance that his death was murder, not suicide. Police have arrested all those accused of assaulting Siddharth. Subsequently, the Veterinary College Anti-Ragging Committee’s report indicated that 31 students were involved in the incident. Of these, 19 students have been barred from studying for three years, the most severe punishment imposed by the college. 

Eighteen people have been arrested, while the police’s decision regarding the 19th individual remains suspicious. Moreover, the girl who filed a false complaint against Siddharth is also under scrutiny. All these concerns have been raised in a new statement provided by Siddharth’s family.

Concerns Over Crime Scene Handling

It is alleged that police failed to seal the location, including the hostel room, where the incident occurred. However, police maintain that the rooms were sealed after the incident and only opened after completing forensic tests.

The investigation into J.S. Siddharth’s death is ongoing. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) will soon get involved. Many people expect the CBI to conduct a fair and complete inquiry. Kerala Police have worked hard on the case. However, some are worried the police may have tampered with the evidence. Others believe the police are treating Siddharth’s death as a suicide. The Veterinary College’s report named many students as being involved. This shows how serious the situation is.

Siddharth’s family firmly believes his death was a murder, not a suicide. They are eager for the CBI to take over the case. They hope the CBI can make a breakthrough. There are claims of false complaints against Siddharth. Some suspect the police mishandled the investigation. A thorough and transparent probe is crucial. The CBI’s fresh perspective and rigorous scrutiny may uncover the truth about Siddharth’s untimely death.

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