Police Clashes: Shashi Tharoor Demands Answers in Planned Police Attack

Chief Minister Urged to Disclose Directives as VD Satheesan Condemns Police Brutality during Speech

Thiruvananthapuram: Congress leaders expressed disapproval of the police’s deployment of tear gas and water cannons during their march to the DGP office of KPCC. Leader of the Opposition, VD Satheesan, accused the police of using these tactics while he was addressing the gathering on the stage.

As the leaders, including the KPCC president, were delivering their speeches, tear gas canisters and water cannons were fired. The protest was organized in front of the Kerala Police Headquarters and was interfered with by this violent response from the police. The Congress party has vowed not to back down. VD Satheesan shared a video of the incident asserting that accountability will be demanded without delay.rohit

Shashi Tharoor MP joined the chorus, alleging that the police had executed a deliberate attack. Tharoor emphasized the need for the Chief Minister to disclose who directed the police to attack. Mathew Kuzhalnadan further accused the police of using chemical weapons against Congress workers.

The situation escalated when KPCC president K Sudhakaran, feeling unwell, was swiftly shifted to the hospital. Stepping into the forefront of the struggle, MP Shashi Tharoor, along with Ramesh Chennithala and others, reached the KPCC office. Post-incident, a growing number of Congress workers flocked to the spot. Some activists retaliated by pelting stones at the police, who responded with tear gas and water cannons to scatter them.

During the inauguration of the protest march, opposition leader VD Satheesan was addressing the crowd when activists attempted to breach the barricade. The ensuing clash saw police deploying water cannons, met with retaliation from Congress workers who hurled stones. The police cited these actions as the reason for resorting to tear gas.

Tear gas was employed multiple times, leading to the illness of leaders. KPCC president K Sudhakaran and Chanty Ummen were subsequently hospitalized. The protest march witnessed the police allegedly targeting the area where the leaders were situated.

As slogans echoed, the police used water cannons to disperse the chanting activists. Congress decried the police’s use of tear gas without provocation. KPCC president, who inaugurated the march, directed strong criticism at Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. The conflict intensified as the banners of Navkerala Sadas were extensively vandalized during the march towards the DGP office.

In conclusion, the unfolding events in Thiruvananthapuram paint a vivid picture of a clash between Congress leaders and the police. And it highlights a concerning escalation in tensions. The deployment of tear gas and water cannons during a peaceful march underscores a deepening divide between the political factions.

As leaders like VD Satheesan and KPCC president K Sudhakaran faced the brunt of police actions, the repercussions are not confined to the immediate aftermath. The hospitalization of key figures and the alleged use of tear gas against protesters raise questions about the proportionality of the police response.

The consequences of this clash extend beyond the physical confrontation. Potentially influencing public perception and trust in law enforcement. The strong condemnations from political figures like Shashi Tharoor and Mathew Kuzhalnadan signal a widening rift, with demands for accountability adding fuel to an already volatile situation.

As Thiruvananthapuram grapples with the aftermath, the incident poses a challenge to the democratic fabric. And emphasizing the delicate balance between dissent and authority. The vandalized banners of Navkerala Sadas and the clash at the DGP office mark a significant moment in the political landscape. And warrants close attention to how leaders, the public, and law enforcement navigate the aftermath of this turbulent episode.

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