Police accept Dr Ruwais as a social menace; father may also be arrested

The investigation into the suicide of a young woman reveals dowry harassment and corruption in the police force

Thiruvananthapuram: In the suicide of PG student Dr. Shahna of Thiruvananthapuram Medical College, the move was initially made to sabotage the investigation by coming out when his friend Dr. Ruwais was in jail. The police had said that no one’s name was on the suicide note. It was also explained that this is a case without evidence. But now the report is coming out that the name of Ruwais was in the suicide note. Ruwais’s father is also accused. It was the father who pressed for the dowry. Still, the police have not arrested the father yet. It is indicated that there is a higher influence behind this.

The vigilance taken by the media when the child was abducted in Oyur in Kollam is crucial for that. That is why the abductors had to leave the ashram on the grounds. An attempt to make the child’s father a suspect also failed due to media interference. After that, the media also took care of Shahna’s suicide.

Facts on suicide in dowry harassment brought out. With this, the issue reached the public. With this, Health Minister Veena George intervened. Thus, Ruwais was arrested. It happened only because of the vigilance of the media.

The police found that Shahna’s death was due to pressure exerted by Ruwais demanding dowry. Shahna’s suicide note says that Ruwais cheated her by asking for a dowry for marriage. Dr. is the advocate of the social menace of dowry. The remand report of the police says Ruwais. It is also clear in the remand report that Shahna Ruwais was written on the reverse side of the OP ticket.

The police have stated they will apply to the court today to take Ruwais into custody. Apply for five days of custody. The police’s decision on the charge sheet of the case promptly. For this, Ruwais is taken into custody for evidence collection.

Ruwais’s mobile phone was taken into custody by the police and sent to Cybercell for inspection. The phone, which is the main evidence of the chat, was found deleted. However, the police have received evidence from Shahna’s phone that shows her relationship with Ruwais. PG The association had removed Ruwais from the post of state president. The police hint that action will also be taken against Ruwais’s father. Dr Shahna, written behind the OP ticket, stated that she could not pay one and a half kilos of gold and acres of land. A suicide note written by Shahna.

Shahna had written on the OP ticket that they were ending my life due to their dowry lust and asking so much money for his sister, and I was cheated. According to the police, Ruwais was arrested based on these lines in the suicide note written by Shahna on the back of the OP ticket, statements of her relatives and circumstantial evidence and Ruwais’ name is in the letter.

A case has been registered under the dowry prohibition section. Ruwais was arrested from his house in Kollam on Thursday morning. The messages on Ruwais’ phone have been deleted. The police clarified that the messages sent to Shahnak have been deleted. The phone has been sent for cyber testing to recover these messages. The relationship between Ruwais and Shahna had reached the point of engagement. But Ruwais pressured Shahna by asking for a huge dowry. The police found that Shahna, who was under severe stress, could not bear it and committed suicide.

Meanwhile, after the death of Shehna, the medical college police did not clarify the information about the role of Ruwais. In the first stage, the police had said that Ruwais’s name was not on the suicide note. The police also concealed the statement of relatives that Ruwais had asked for a dowry. Later, only after Shahna’s suicide became a big discussion, the police were ready to file a case against Ruwais. Ruwais was the state president of KMPGA, an association of PG doctors. The organization has expelled Ruwais.

The police registered a case under the non-bailable section under the sections of Dowry Prohibition Act and Incitement to Suicide. The crime of inciting suicide is punishable by up to ten years in prison. Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate Catherine Teresa George remanded the accused. The police had received information that there was a possibility of absconding and that Ruwais was trying to apply for anticipatory bail. Due to this, he was taken into custody from his house in Karunagappally and went to arrest proceedings.

City Police Commissioner C. Shahna was arrested on Thursday afternoon following the statements of Shahna’s mother, sister and brother against Ruwais. Nagaraju said. After the arrest, the ortho section P.G. Ruwais, a doctor, was suspended by the medical college’s principal. Medical P.G. Shahna (27), a student and daughter of late Abdul Aziz and Jamila, was found dead in her flat in Venjaramood Maitri Nagar Jas Mansil on Monday night.

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