Padmaja Venugopal’s Allegations Spark Political Shift

Revealing Three-Year Decision, BJP's Central Leader Approaches, Unanswered Calls to KC Venugopal, and Financial Allegations

Thiruvananthapuram: Padmaja Venugopal leveled allegations against the Congress party after her walk over to BJP camp. Padmaja revealed that her decision to leave Congress stemmed from the neglect she faced within the party’s ranks. She also hinted that more Congress leaders might follow suit and join the BJP.

“I decided to leave the party three years ago,” Padmaja stated, adding that BJP’s central leader had been approaching her. She disclosed that KC Venugopal, a prominent Congress leader, had repeatedly tried to contact her before she made her decision, but she did not answer his calls.

Financial Allegations and Political Maneuvering

Padmaja’s allegations did not stop there. She claimed that Congress leaders had accepted money from numerous individuals during the election campaign. Specifically, she alleged that she was asked to pay 50 lakhs for Priyanka Gandhi’s event, and she obliged by spending 22 lakhs. However, according to Padmaja, the District Congress Committee (DCC) president became agitated when she inquired about accompanying Priyanka Gandhi on a motor tour that day.

In her interview with a news channel, Padmaja clarified that she had only requested freedom of action from the BJP and that the party had not made any promises regarding a seat. She expressed her willingness to campaign against K. Muraleedharan if requested by the BJP. Padmaja adamantly stated that there was no going back to the Congress party, citing the numerous problems she faced and the lack of support she received.

“One day, I had to break down in front of the KPCC president due to the sheer neglect,” Padmaja revealed, emphasizing the depth of her frustration with the Congress party. She expressed confidence that she would eventually leave the Congress party.

Internal Dynamics and Familial Disputes

Earlier, Padmaja’s brother, K. Muraleedharan, had come forward and severely criticized his ‘work at home’ remarks. Padmaja stated that if Muraleedharan were her younger brother, she would have given him a beating, adding that he had become like a younger brother to her. The remarks were made while Padmaja was speaking to the media in Thiruvananthapuram after joining the BJP.

Addressing Muraleedharan’s comments, Padmaja said, “Chetan knew about my health problem. He is talking about votes. Being a person who has changed three or four parties, he can say anything. Nothing more is said.” She also stated that more Congress members would join the BJP after the Lok Sabha elections.

Padmaja questioned, “How many people have left the Congress party? Even my father had gone. He had been staying away from the party for the last three years.” She mentioned that the leaders who lost the elections were well-known, but no action was taken despite complaints. “I am unable to work even in my own constituency. I even thought of leaving Kerala,” Padmaja said, adding that she burst into tears while sitting in front of the KPCC president.

Reflecting on the Congress party’s internal dynamics, Padmaja alleged that even K. Karunakaran, a prominent leader, had been insulted by some leaders within the party. She claimed to have informed the leadership about this, but they took it lightly. Padmaja stated that Rahul Gandhi would file a case against Mankoothil for insulting his mother, Sonia Gandhi.

“Rahul said that I am not Karunakaran’s daughter, but Rahul is a leader sitting on TV,” Padmaja remarked. She clarified that she was well aware of the story behind Rahul’s imprisonment and did not need him to tell her about it.

As the political landscape in Kerala continues to evolve, Padmaja Venugopal’s allegations against the Congress party have added a new layer of complexity. The allegations have contributed to the ongoing power dynamics within the state’s political arena.

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