Orthodox Priest Faces Consequences for BJP Affiliation

Fr. Shaiju Kurien Stripped of Duties as Church Forms Commission to Probe Complaints

In a shocking turn of events that sent shockwaves through the church’s hallways, the Orthodox Church Secretary recently joined the BJP. The implications of this decision have quickly materialized. And leading to a sequence of events that have confused religious community members and political observers.

The Bhadrasana Council convened last night and decided to take action against Shaiju Kurien. The action will be on the assembly level in a move that left many confused. The priest, who had recently pledged allegiance to the BJP, was stripped of all current duties. Marking a significant shift in his ecclesiastical standing. Adding another layer to the unfolding drama, a church commission was appointed to investigate numerous complaints against Shaiju Kurien.

The intricacies of the situation extend further as it was revealed that the decision for the investigation was grounded in Father Shaiju Kurien’s request. It raises questions about the underlying dynamics within the Orthodox Church. And the internal struggles have come to the forefront with this recent political affiliation.

Since Shaiju Kurien’s leap into the BJP, many complaints have rolled from various quarters, including internal dissent within the church. The call for clarity from Fr. Shaiju Kurien became louder, with the priest asserting his commitment to the church and his willingness to abide by the leadership’s guidance.

The controversy deepened when 47 Christian community members, including Fr. Shaiju Kurien, joined the BJP during the NDA’s Christmas Sneha Sangam. This move triggered a public protest from Orthodox Church believers. In the face of mounting opposition, Father Shaiju was willing to reconsider his decision.

The dramatic events took an even more intense turn when the Bhadrasana Council meeting was abruptly adjourned due to priests’ protest. This public display of dissent accused the Metropolitan of evading accountability, leaving the faithful searching for answers.

Protests spilt onto the streets before the Nilakkal Bhadrasana of the Orthodox Church in Ranni Ittiapara. Devotees, including priests, vehemently opposed Shaiju Kurien’s BJP affiliation. Adding fuel to the already raging controversy. Allegations have surfaced that Shaiju Kurien may soon face criminal charges. And his BJP membership is seen as a strategic move to defend against potential accusations.

In response to the emotional protest, believers filed a complaint with the church president. Demanding the removal of Shaiju Kurien from the post of Bhadrasana. The threat of continued strong protests looms if no decisive action is taken. Consequently, Shaiju Kurien is stripped of all duties, adding another layer of complexity to this unfolding narrative.

The Orthodox Church, grappling with the aftermath of Shaiju Kurien’s political alliance, issued strict instructions to its priests. A directive was issued through WhatsApp. That emphasizes priests should refrain from making media statements without leadership approval. This intervention comes after controversies, including a police complaint against Shaiju Kurien, underscoring the need to maintain the church’s integrity and discipline.

As the situation evolves, the clergy is urged to adhere to the established practice of engaging with the media only with prior authorization. The note from Clergy Trustee Dr Thomas Varghese underscores the seriousness of the ongoing discussions. At the highest echelons of the church, hinting at the anticipation of a forthcoming proposal to address the situation’s complexity.

In conclusion, the entanglement of religion and politics in the narrative of Fr. Shaiju Kurien’s association with the BJP has ignited a fierce ecclesiastical debate and underscored the delicate balance between individual convictions and institutional loyalties. As the Orthodox Church grapples with this problem, the eyes of both believers and the broader public remain fixated on the unfolding saga, eagerly awaiting a resolution that will navigate the intricate intersection of faith and politics.

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