Non-Bailable Case Against Dr. Ruwais: A Dark Turn in the Tragic Death of Young Doctor Shahna

Police File Serious Charges in Connection with Alleged Dowry Demands and Suicide, Shaking the Medical Community

Thiruvananthapuram: Dr Ruwais, former state president of the Medical PG Association, now faces a case in the tragic death of young doctor Shahna. The police, responding to allegations from Shahna’s relatives, have filed charges under the Dowry Prohibition Act and provocation to suicide against Dr. Ruwais. The accusations are severe, leading to non-bailable charges backed by clear evidence, as per the police.

In the wake of the controversy, Dr. Ruwais was swiftly removed from his position as the state president by the Medical PG Association. The Association, expressing solidarity with Dr. Shahna, released a statement. The State Minority Commission has suo moto filed a case, seeking reports from the Director of Medical Education, District Collector, and Commissioner. I was directed to appear before the commission and report on the 14th of this month.

Shahna was a PG student in the Surgery Department at Thiruvananthapuram Medical College. She was found dead in her flat, having allegedly injected herself with anaesthesia medicine. Dr Ruwais, closely associated with Shahna, had plans for marriage. But fell apart due to the contentious issue of dowry. Shahna’s brother claims that exorbitant dowry demands from Ruwais’s family led to the collapse of the engagement. It caused significant distress to Shahna and led to her suicide.

While Shahna’s suicide note doesn’t explicitly name anyone, Dr. Ruwais remains silent on the matter. Responding to the situation, the Health Minister instructed the Director of Child Development to conduct an inquiry into the dowry-related allegations leading to the suicide.

Shahna, a Venjaramood native, excelled in her studies, securing admission to MBBS on a merit seat. Her father’s recent demise, coupled with financial struggles, added strain to the family. According to locals, Shahna’s brother works at a computer centre, and their father had extended loans that were never repaid, compounding the family’s challenges.

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