Nitish Arrives for Pooja, Only to Discover Daughter’s Pregnancy; Newborn Murdered Due to Shame

A Ritual Turns to Tragedy as Family Secrets Unravel in a Startling Revelation

Kattapana: In a shocking revelation, the police have stated that one of the accused in Kattappana twin murder, Nitish, allegedly killed newborn baby in the case. The baby boy belonged to Vijayan’s daughter and was born out of an illicit relationship. The incident occurred in July 2016 when Nitish and the child’s mother were not married.

Manipulation and Deceit

The police FIR states that the baby was killed due to shame. He was born from an illicit relationship. The report states that when Vijayan held the baby by his leg. Nitish suffocated the infant by covering his nose and mouth with a cloth. Vijayan’s son, Vishnu, who has also been arrested, is accused of burying the baby’s body in the stable of the house where they lived at Kattappana Sagara Junction.

Reports indicated that Nitish had come to Vijayan’s family, claiming he could resolve the issue surrounding his daughter’s hand through religious rituals. Following Nitish’s instructions, they even changed their lifestyle and distanced themselves from relatives and locals. Eventually, Vijayan’s sister filed a missing person complaint with the police when they moved from one rented house to another.

After that, relatives learned that a relative in Kattapana had spotted Vijayan and others. Nitish allegedly kept Vijayan’s daughter isolated from the public. He convinced her that she possessed special powers and that interacting with others would diminish her strength.

Killing due to Argument?

Nitish reportedly killed Vijayan months ago during an argument. Nitish grabbed Vijayan by his shirt, threw him to the ground, and struck him on the head with a hammer. With Vishnu’s assistance, they dug a hole in a room of the house and buried the body.

On the morning of March 2, Vishnu was caught attempting to steal from a workshop in Kattapana while Nitish stood guard outside. During questioning, a hint about the murder surfaced. Upon reaching the accused Vishnu’s house, the investigating officer inquired about his father’s whereabouts from Vishnu’s sister. However, he received no definitive answer. Further interrogation of the accused revealed inconsistencies in their statements. The police intelligence department then contacted the relatives, some of whom stated that Vijayan had been missing since last Onam, a mysterious disappearance.

A police investigation revealed that the floor of the rented house in Kakatukada, where the accused had lived together, had recently been concreted. Suspecting that Vijayan’s body might be hidden there. The police are currently demolishing the house floor in Kakatukada for inspection.

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