Mysterious Deaths in California: Speculations Surrounding the Tragic Incident

Did Anand Commit Suicide After Shooting Alice? Suspicions of Poisoning Linger, Prompting Questions of Familial Tragedy

Kollam: Conflicting reports arise about the tragic discovery of four deceased members of a Malayali family in California, USA. Initially, speculation pointed to poisoning as the cause of death. Later, police updates confirmed that two individuals had died from gunshot wounds, with a firearm discovered nearby. This development has sparked discussion around two possible scenarios.

Identifying the Deceased

The deceased, hailing from Kollam, was identified as Anand Sujith Henty (42), son of Dr G. Henty, former principal of Kollam Fatimamata College. His wife, Alice Priyanka (40), is the daughter of the late Benziger and Juliet. Their twin sons, Noah and Neithan (4), also tragically lost their lives. The family resided in San Mateo, California, and hailed from Priyadarshini Nagar Veli, Kilikollur.

Speculation and Investigations

One theory suggests that Anand took his own life after shooting Alice and also poisoned their children. Another account proposes that both Anand and Alice mutually decided to end their lives, possibly involving poisoning the children as well. The latter hypothesis posits that the couple entered the bathroom, where they fatally shot each other. However, the circumstances leading to such a decision remain unclear, prompting scrutiny of possible familial discord.

Community Response and Mourning

Police were alerted when the house remained unresponsive to attempts at contact. And ultimately leading to the discovery of the bodies inside the locked premises. Subsequently, the residence was cordoned off for further investigation as suspicions of foul play arose. Particularly concerning the children’s demise, necessitating thorough postmortem examinations.

Law enforcement officials have assured the community that the perpetrator is among the deceased, allaying concerns of external threats. Initial speculation regarding accidental poisoning of household appliances was dispelled following preliminary police inquiries, prompting a focus on unravelling potential domestic issues. Statements from neighbours and relatives are being meticulously gathered to shed light on the family dynamics.

The bodies were discovered at 7:45 pm Indian time on Monday. Shedding light on the tragic turn of events for a family that had relocated to the United States six years prior. Anand, formerly employed at Google, had recently embarked on a startup venture, while Alice served as a senior analyst. Their sudden demise has sent shockwaves through the Malayali community, compounded by the absence of Juliet, Alice’s mother, who had returned to India just a day prior.

Concerns mounted when attempts to reach the family went unanswered, prompting a search that culminated in the grim discovery by law enforcement officials. The sealed resident awaits further investigation pending postmortem examinations. The community remains in mourning as speculation persists over the circumstances surrounding the tragic loss of four lives.

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