Mysteries Unveiled: Srividya’s Disappearing Legacy Amid Minister Ganesh Kumar’s Return

A Puzzling Tale of Vanishing Assets Sparks Controversy as Sister Accuses Minister Ganesh

Chennai: Srividya’s Will Controversy came to light after Vijayalakshmi, sister-in-law of Srividya, brought the tangled accusations against the minister and actor Ganesh Kumar. Amidst claims of abandonment in her final days, questions arose about Srividya’s substantial properties and the power of attorney exerted by K. B. Ganesh Kumar. Vijayalakshmi challenges the validity of Srividya’s will, raising eyebrows about the timing and the absence of crucial details.

Key Points

Allegations against Ganesh Kumar, Srividya’s sister-in-law, Vijayalakshmi, bring forth allegations against Minister Ganesh Kumar. She focuses on the controversy surrounding Srividya’s will after he assumes ministerial duties.

Disputed Will Details: Challenges the validity of Srividya’s will, drafted two months before her demise.. Questions arise about the absence of crucial details, including the fate of valuable properties. Financial promises and unimplemented Kalakshetra Trust directive.

Past and Present Discord: The controversy traces back to 2012, with Srividya’s relatives filing complaints against Ganesh Kumar for alleged improprieties in property matters. Familiar discord persists, intensifying with accusations of will tampering and further complicating the ongoing saga.

Controversy Unveiled:

Vijayalakshmi contends that Ganesh Kumar, now the power of attorney for Srividya’s property, allegedly kept his brother Shankar distance from the ailing actress. She questions the authenticity of a will drafted merely two months before Srividya’s demise, especially considering she is undergoing chemotherapy. Disturbingly, Vijayalakshmi suggests that Srividya’s many valuable properties are conspicuously absent from the will, adding another layer of confusion to the unfolding saga.

The will lists assets totalling over 15 lakhs, 580 grams of gold, 1.5 kilograms of silver, and a car. Yet the fate of these possessions remains shrouded in mystery. Employees and nephews allegedly await the fulfilment of financial promises. Implementation of the primary directive to establish the Kalakshetra Trust, embodying Srividya’s sincere desire, remains pending. After legal notice, Ganesh Kumar, accused of withholding Srividya’s treatment details, only revealed Will’s contents.

Past Allegations and Current Dilemmas:

The controversy traces back to 2012 when Srividya’s relatives filed complaints against Ganesh Kumar, alleging improprieties in property matters. Srividya’s brother, Shankara Raman, accused Ganesh of deviating from the will’s prescribed instructions. In 2015, another complaint was lodged with the Chief Minister and the Home Minister, intensifying the familial discord.

Srividya’s will, registered in 2006, outlined directives, including forming a trust to aid financially challenged students and establishing a music and dance school. Shankara Raman alleges tampering, but Ganesh Kumar asserts the will’s nature, distancing it from his role as an MLA.

As the past unravels and current dilemmas emerge, the controversy surrounding Srividya’s will deepens. Allegations of manipulation, unfulfilled promises, and familial discord entwine us in a perplexing narrative, prompting a call for scrutiny and resolution. The haunting question lingers: What secrets lie within the folds of Srividya’s will, and will justice prevail in this complex saga?

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