Murder of Anu in Perampra : Born Criminal Mujeeb Rahman Accused in 51 Cases

Exploring the Dark Past and Shocking Crimes of the Accused in the Perampra Tragedy

Kozhikode: The body of a young woman found in a stream in Perampra has been confirmed as murder. According to police, the perpetrator is Mujeeb Rahman, a resident of Malappuram and an accused in a previous rape case responsible for the murder of Anu in Perampra.

Chilling Modus Operandi: A Ruthless Act Unveiled

Rahman arrived on a stolen motorcycle from Mattannur. He offered the victim, Anu, a ride on his bike. However, he then pushed her head into the stream and squashed it until she drowned. After ensuring her death, Rahman stole Anu’s gold jewellery and fled the scene.

Authorities state that this robbery pattern is typical of the accused. Rahman was apprehended after his image was captured on a nearby CCTV camera. The police pursued and caught him in a daring chase. The stolen motorcycle was later found abandoned in Edavannapara.

During interrogation, Rahman confessed to the crime. He revealed a chilling modus operandi. Rahman would strategically place his victims on the bike. Once in a secluded area, he would stop under the pretext of needing to use the restroom. It was then that he would attack and rob his victims. The accused even tried to assault the police officers during his arrest, injuring one officer’s hand.

Rahman is also a suspect in a case involving the theft of gold ornaments, money, and a mobile phone. He abducted an older woman in an auto-rickshaw and tortured her. The incident occurred in Kondotti, Malappuram.

Authorities have confirmed that Rahman has served jail time for vehicle theft cases in Kannur. He also faces robbery charges, including burning the door in Kondotti. And also has an auto-rickshaw scam in Thalassery, totalling around 55 cases against him.

Perampra Killings: A Call to Action

The Perampra killings highlight the failure to detain such dangerous criminals. Initially, police had concluded that Anu’s death was murder. Investigators focused on a person seen arriving on a red motorcycle near the location where her body was found.

Anu, a resident of Valur, went missing on Monday morning. Her body was discovered around 11 AM on Tuesday in Nochad Thot, just one kilometre from her home. Evidence suggests Rahman came to the area from Mattannur to purchase ganja. After stealing Anu’s gold jewellery, he abandoned the bike at Edavannapara. He escaped, handing over the jewellery to an accomplice. Rahman also has a base in Kannur.

The suspicion of murder grew stronger when it became clear that Anu did not simply drown in the stream. Her body jewellery was missing, and parts of her clothing were torn off, raising further suspicion.

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