Murder Motivated by Ticket Fine: Kerala Railway Official Pushed to Death

Fear Grips Officials After Brutal Act of Violence on Kerala's Trains

In a shocking incident, Kerala witnessed a brutal act of violence against a railway official. A Train Ticket Examiner (TTE) was tragically killed by a non-resident passenger, raising concerns about safety for both travelers and railway personnel.

Fear and Concerns

The incident has unfolded in a way that has instilled fear among passengers and officials alike. This act of cruelty committed during employment has understandably worried train officials across the state. Additionally, passengers from other states who travel without valid tickets pose a significant challenge to the safety of fellow travelers.

Thousands of inter-state workers commute by train in Kerala every day. Both officials and passengers share concerns that they may not be able to perform their duties or travel without fear if adequate security measures are not in place.

Meanwhile, details from the FIR in the case have emerged. According to the report, Vinod, the deceased TTE, was intentionally pushed off the train with the intent to kill him. The FIR states that Vinod, who was facing the door, was pushed from behind. It further mentions that the motive behind the murder was hostility towards paying the fine for traveling without a ticket.

The victim, K. Vinod (45), a native of Manjummal, Varapuzha, Ernakulam, was a TTE stationed at Ernakulam South. He was pushed off the Ernakulam-Patna train when it reached Thrissur Velappaya around 7:30 PM. The accused, Rajinikanth, a native of Odisha, has been arrested by the Palakkad railway police in connection with the incident.

Sequence of Events

According to reports, Vinod had approached Rajinikanth, who was standing near the door while checking tickets in coach S11. When Rajinikanth was questioned about the lack of a reservation ticket, he allegedly kicked and pushed Vinod off the train. Tragically, another train ran over Vinod’s body, and he hit his head on the nearby tracks, severing his legs.

The accused continued his journey by train but was eventually apprehended by railway police in Palakkad after other passengers reported the incident to the control room. It is believed the accused is a worker at a hotel in Kunnamkulam.

Witnesses claim that the accused was in an inebriated state and had misbehaved with passengers during the journey from Thrissur. Vinod’s murder is the latest in a series of heinous crimes involving inter-state workers. The driver of High Court Judge Satish Nainan was brutally beaten to death by inter-state workers in Ernakulam following a dispute over a barking dog.

Broader Societal Concerns

Soumya, a law student in Perumbavoor, and Pinchukunj, a toddler in Aluva, are other tragic victims of crimes committed by inter-state criminals, incidents that are still etched in the collective memory of Malayalees.

While the majority of the lakhs of inter-state workers in Kerala work decently and strive for a better life, a significant number of criminals among them contribute to the diversity of crimes in the state.

Authorities often wake up only after diabolical crimes occur. It is common for announcements to be made about collecting information on inter-state workers and requiring them to produce documents from their home state’s police stations. However, little action is taken. Tracing those who have returned to their home states after committing crimes remains a tough challenge for the police.

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