Mujeeb Rahman’s Scheme: Targets, Attacks, and Mysterious Absences

Insights into Nearby Criminal Activity and Suspicions Surrounding the Accomplice

Kozhikode: In a shocking revelation, it is reported that Mujeeb Rahman, the accused in the Perampra Anu murder case, had targeted other victims as well. The accused had reached two other locations near Valur before the crime. A local woman provided a statement to the police, indicating that the accused was roaming in those areas. Meanwhile, police have investigated Mujeeb Rahman’s wife, suspecting her involvement in his criminal activities.

On the 11th, around 10 AM, Mujeeb Rahman killed Anu at an intersection in Walur. However, before reaching this location, he visited two other nearby crossroads. A woman informed the police that she had witnessed the accused wandering in those areas. Mujeeb Rahman had stolen a bike from Mattannur around 3:30 AM but did not arrive at Valur until 9:30 AM. The police will investigate where the accused was during those six hours, as he may have committed another crime.

History of Criminal Activities

Mujeeb Rahman has a long history of criminal activities. In addition to theft and extortion, the accused had a pattern of luring women into vehicles, assaulting them, rendering them unconscious, raping them, and stealing their gold. In 2020, in Omassery, he tricked an older woman into a stolen auto, hit her head against the wire inside, tied her up while she was unconscious, and tortured her. Similarly, in Perampra, Anu was knocked unconscious and thrown into the water.

There are indications that he has also committed a similar crime in Wayanad. Mujeeb, who has been accused in 60 cases involving theft and extortion, has been convicted in only a few cases. Shockingly, his wife appears to have been an accomplice, encouraging her husband to engage in theft and criminal activities. In the Nochad Anu murder case, the wife’s attempt to destroy evidence before the police arrived at their house suggests her involvement in criminal activities.

Police visited Mujeeb Rahman’s house to search for the clothes he was wearing during the murder. Although they recovered these clothes from the house, the accused’s wife tried to burn some items after learning about the police’s arrival. When this was prevented, and the items were checked, the clothes worn during the murder were found. CCTV footage showed that his pants were wet, which led to the investigation in a new direction. These clothes will be sent for scientific testing.

Notably, whenever Mujeeb Rahman was caught in theft or child rape cases, his wife sought legal ways to secure his release and obtain bail, often subverting the process. Given her attempt to destroy evidence, she is likely to be accused as an accomplice in the second-degree murder case. The police will decide this soon.

Police Investigation and Community Response

Anu’s body was found 24 hours after he went missing in Alliorathot, just one kilometer away from his home. The body was lying half-naked in a shallow water area. Mujeeb Rahman, a native of Malappuram Kondotti, was arrested after locals provided statements to the police about witnessing a person unusually riding a red bike. Further investigation revealed that he is a hardened criminal.

When police searched Mujeeb Rahman’s house in Kondoti, they found various theft tools, including knives, torches, and tools for breaking necklaces. It appears that Mujeeb carried all these tools in a bag when going out for theft. If caught by the police, his wife would handle all the cases, ensuring his release. Even when he was in jail, his wife would manage everything, including the stolen gold. Kerala Police are shocked by these revelations, realizing the extent of support the wife provided to this serious criminal.

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