Model Dean’s Directive: No Dissent Allowed in the Siddharth Case

Unraveling the Alleged Collusion: Narayanan's Role in Siddharth's Tragedy Under Scrutiny

New evidence suggests Dean M.K. Narayanan tried to conceal crucial details about the death of Pookode Veterinary College student Siddharth. Narayanan’s speech on the fourth day after Siddharth’s passing provides proof of a cover-up. He delivered the speech at a condolence meeting at the college on February 22. During the address, Narayanan stated that no one should discuss the incident since it was under police investigation. In response, Siddharth’s family has intensified demands to charge those responsible for his death with murder.

Critical parts of Narayanan’s speech included: “We learned of the incident on February 18 at 1:45 pm and immediately took Siddharth to the hospital to try to save his life. But he was already deceased by that time. We had no other choice but to inform the police. Relatives had to be present for the post-mortem examination, so we notified the family and relatives. No one should say anything about what happened, as everything is under police surveillance.” He continued: “There were major issues for those in the 22nd batch after the incident. The condolence meeting was postponed for this reason. This is a special case, so no one should disagree or share anything about what transpired.”

Narayanan’s Role in the Cover-Up

The speech clarifies Narayanan’s role in the alleged cover-up. The accused moved Siddharth’s body to the hospital before the police arrived. Some claim the dean supported this action. The mob trial against Siddharth originated from a complaint by a female student, yet authorities have not charged her. Narayanan’s remarks imply he and the student equally share the blame for Siddharth’s death. However, some argue that the dean’s political influence hinders police action.

In related news, accused ringleader Sinjo Johnson arrived on Sunday at 4:30 pm at the hostel where Siddharth died by suicide after facing a mob trial. Police brought Johnson in to collect evidence, and he answered police questions emotionlessly. A team led by Deputy Superintendent T.N. Sajeev retrieved the rope used to beat Siddharth.

Johnson took it under a bed and showed officials where the mob trial happened. In Johnson’s room, he admitted owning black rubber slippers found by police. Officials spent much time documenting and collecting evidence. Even while being photographed by the media, Johnson remained blank.

New Evidence and the Call for Justice

The new evidence indicates a potential cover-up around the heartbreaking death of Siddharth. Dean Narayanan’s speech revealed his role in possibly concealing critical information from police in the aftermath. Meanwhile, the reluctance to charge the female accuser and the gathering of evidence from admitted ringleader Sinjo Johnson cast doubt on a fair and accessible investigation. Since Kerala Police is managed by their political bosses of CPM, it can hinder the process. It calls for an inquiry by an unbiased agency like the CBI. This tragic case shows the need for proactive anti-bullying and hazing policies to protect students better. Only through truth and reform can the Veterinary College community start healing and work to prevent similar tragedies.

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