Missing Documents Shake Abhimanyu Murder Case

Crucial Evidence Disappears, Delaying Trial and Stirring Controversy

In a shocking event, essential documents related to the Abhimanyu murder case are missing from the Eranakulam sessions court. Ernakulam Central Police submitted the missing documents before the court after the investigation. Documents disappeared just before the trial was about to start.

Significance of Missing Documents

The missing documents include 11 crucial pieces of evidence. Among them are the all-important charge sheet and post-mortem report. Shockingly, the charge sheet itself has disappeared from court, and it is a crucial document for the prosecution. In December 2023, the Sessions Judge informed the High Court about the incident. The court ordered to retrieve if copies were available. Due to missing documents, the case hearing has been postponed to the 18th of this month.

Challenges in Pursuing Justice

The incident reminds the actress assault case controversy. In that case, too, documents had gone missing, causing an uproar. The High Court has ordered authorities to find the missing documents in Abhimanyu’s case.

The case is about the murder of Abhimanyu, a student leader at Ernakulam Maharaja’s College. He was a second-year chemistry student with the Students’ Federation of India (SFI). On July 1, 2018 night, in a tragic incident, Abhimanyu was killed and another student, Arjun, was stabbed. 26 Campus Front – Popular Front of India (PFI) members are accused in this case.

As per the first accused, Muhammad’s statement, the 9th accused, Shifas, held Abhimanyu. Sahal stabbed Abhimanyu with a knife, killing him.

It has been six years since Abhimanyu’s death, but the trial has not started yet. Though the charge sheet was filed in September 2018, the trial keeps getting delayed. The charge sheet claims PFI activists from outside came to the campus with weapons.

In September 2022, the central government banned the Popular Front. Abhimanyu’s murder was one of the reasons that led to the ban, and it shows how serious the case is.

The trial was supposed to start in September 2020 but kept getting postponed. With 26 accused and 125 witnesses, it is challenging for the prosecution to fight the case without documents. 25 of the crucial witnesses are former students of Maharaja’s College. After studies, many have moved out of state for jobs or higher education. So, finding and bringing them for testimony is difficult.

Locating the missing crucial documents is very important. The much-delayed trial can begin and bring justice only once the disappeared documents are available.

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