Unraveling the Mystery: Tragic Deaths of Tribal Children

Investigating the Puzzling Circumstances Surrounding Their Disappearance and Demise

Thrissur: The bodies of the tribal children who went missing last Saturday from the Vellikulangara Anapantham Sasthampuvvam tribal colony were found after hours of searching. But mysterious deaths of tribal children create a lot of mystery. Why did the two children stray into the forest? What happened to them in the forest? Many questions are arising over the incident involving missing children found dead in Thrissur.

Investigation Begins

The bodies of Rajasekar’s son Arunkumar (nine) and Kuttan’s son Sajikuttan (15) were found near the fireline in Vanathirthi on Saturday afternoon. There was a complaint that the children had been missing for six days. Further inquiries were made at relatives’ houses and places the children might go, but no information was received. Officials from the Vellikulangara Pariyaram Forest Range Office and the Vellikulangara Police inspected the forest on Friday.

On Saturday, the forest department formed a special squad and started searching. Some of the colony had seen children while collecting firewood in the forest a few days ago. Further investigations are being conducted into the deaths of the children. The children went missing from Vellikulangara Sastampoovam tribal colony on Saturday. The family members and others assumed he might have gone to a relative’s house near the forest. The information was reported to the police when the children went missing. The police and the forest department then searched the forest. But there was no clue about the children.

Questions Unanswered

Everyone thought the children lost their way in the forest and got lost somewhere in the deep forest. Meanwhile, Arun’s dead body was found just one kilometre away from the colony. Residents of the colony were the first to see the body. They immediately informed the forest department officials.

If it was lost in the forest, how could the body be found so close to the colony? Saji Kutan’s body was also found 200 meters away from where Arun’s body was lying. But there is also a difference in the age of both corpses. This is also becoming a mystery. Those who went together disappeared together but died at different times or days leave questions.

Seeking Closure

Those in the colony are confused about why the children, who know the forest well, have gone inside so much. For what purpose did they go, and what happened to them after they left? How did the death happen? Where did you die? Such questions need to be answered.

The children have been missing since March 2, but no family or relatives have filed a complaint. Children go to relatives’ houses and nearby places, so he was hoping to come back soon. When they did not return, they conducted a search on their own but were unable to find them. The search for the children was conducted under the leadership of Vellikulangara Police, Pariaram, Vellikulangara Forest Range Office staff, and locals.

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