Miraculous Recovery: Kidnapping in Thiruvananthapuram Ends with Two-Year-Old Girl Found Safe

A Community's Relief and Hope Renewed as Authorities Piece Together the Ordeal

Thiruvananthapuram: The long-awaited announcement Kerala has been waiting for has finally arrived. The recovery of a two-year-old girl who was kidnapped from Chaka, Thiruvananthapuram, offers hope. After being found in an alley close to Kochuveli railway station, the youngster was immediately rushed for a comprehensive examination at the general hospital. According to preliminary police findings, the child was abducted; more information will be released at a later time.

Discovery and Examination

The toddler, who vanished last night, was found at 7:30 this evening in Oda near Kochuveli railway station. The child, the daughter of an out-of-state worker, has been transferred to the general hospital for medical assessment. The Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) emphasized the urgency of determining how the child ended up in that area. Fortunately, aside from being found in an unfamiliar location, the child appears in good health. More information will be provided post the medical examination, stated the DCP.

Family’s Ordeal and Investigation

The daughter of Amardeep and Rabina Devi, residents near the railway station, were discovered after extensive hours of search efforts. The abduction occurred near All Saints College, leaving the Amardiprabina Devi couple, who have four children, distraught. According to the parents, the two-year-old girl was taken while she slept alongside her siblings. Recounting the ordeal, they informed the police that their daughter was nowhere to be found upon awakening an hour later.

Search Efforts and Revision of Statement

The infant, nestled within a mosquito net beside the railway track near Chaka All Saints College, disappeared post-midnight. Frantically searching nearby yielded no results, prompting the parents to seek assistance at the nearest police station.

After exhaustive combing of the city, law enforcement finally located the missing girl. Initially, the brother recounted seeing two individuals on a yellow scooter snatch the sleeping child away. However, upon further reflection, he revised his statement, indicating that he awoke to his mother’s distress and did not witness any vehicle. The focus now shifts to uncovering the identity of the kidnapper(s).

After hours of distress and uncertainty, the police and community are relieved at the return of their kidnapped two-year-old daughter. This event is a clear reminder of the value of alertness and prompt action in protecting our loved ones. Even when there is immediate attention it is on the child’s wellbeing and the kidnapping investigation. The consensus is that justice will be served. Steps will be taken to stop similar instances in the future as investigators work to piece together the circumstances surrounding the kidnapping.

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