Mananthavadi Killer to be Drugged: Forest Minister AK Saseendran

Plans to Capture Wild Elephant 'Katana' Amid Escalating Tensions

Kozhikode: Forest Minister AK Saseendran has announced plans to capture the wild elephant that killed a man in Wayanad’s Mananthavadi by drugging. The decision comes amid escalating tensions and protests surrounding the recent Mananthavadi incident.

Minister’s Announcement

Addressing the media, Minister Saseendran emphasized the necessity of drugging the elephant, named Katana, as the only viable capture method. He assured the court would be duly informed of the situation and that orders for the capture would be issued promptly. However, he also noted that ongoing protests had hindered officials from taking immediate action, urging restraint from the public. The Minister further stated that the Chief Minister was closely monitoring the situation.

Fatal Encounter

The tragic incident occurred when Ajeesh, a resident of Padamala, encountered a wild elephant in a residential area. The elephant, equipped with a radio collar, was first spotted in the Thannikal area before reaching Kurukanmula and, eventually, Padamala. Despite efforts by both locals and the forest department to drive the elephant away, Ajeesh was fatally injured during the encounter. Despite efforts to rush him to the hospital, Ajeesh succumbed to his injuries.

Community Outcry and Curfew

Authorities have implemented a curfew in the impacted region due to the elephant attack. Section 144 is being enforced in four wards of the Mananthavadi Municipality. Protests have broken out throughout the city due to the overwhelming hostility from the locals. Crowds defied authorities by obstructing roads and confronting Wayanad SP T. Narayanan and other officials as soon as he arrived.

The terrible event in Mananthavadi has sparked much discussion and controversy about how people interact with the local fauna. Efforts to mitigate similar tragedies in the future are becoming necessary. Authorities struggle with the fallout from the attack. The community laments Ajeesh’s passing while demanding responsibility and decisive action to stop tragedies of this kind from happening again.

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