Legal Action on Satyabhama’s Remarks: Ramakrishnan’s Complaint Under Scrutiny

Detailed Legal Advice Guides Investigation Handover to Vanchiur Police

In the recent Satyabhama controversy, Kerala Police will seek legal advice regarding a complaint filed by RLV Ramakrishnan against dancer Satyabhama for her controversial remarks during a YouTube channel interview. Ramakrishnan filed a complaint with Chalakudy DySP, stating that he was insulted. Since the interview occurred in Vanchiyur, the complaint will be forwarded to the Thiruvananthapuram police. Subsequently, the Vanchiyur police will seek legal counsel to determine which sections should be applied in this case.

Satyabhama’s Remarks and Potential Ramifications:

During the interview, Satyabhama said, “Mohini must be the people who always play Mohiniyattam. After seeing someone dancing it with the color of a crow can’t be tolerated. Mohiniyattam is an art form that has to be played with everything. There is nothing more offensive than a man with his legs crossed. In my opinion, if boys want to play Mohiniyattam, they should be beautiful. Even after seeing him, even Peta Tullal will not tolerate it.” Although she did not mention Ramakrishna by name, she called him Chalakudi natives.

The key test will be whether the Scheduled Caste Department can be involved. If this section is applied, it becomes a non-bailable case, potentially leading to Satyabhama’s arrest. Legal advice is also sought to avoid potential challenges if the sections are questioned in court. Due to protests, there is police protection in front of Satyabhama’s house in Thiruvananthapuram. Meanwhile, police have also received a separate complaint against Satyabhama.

Ramifications of Satyabhama’s Remarks

She had previously stated that while black individuals would be taught seduction, they should not participate in competitions. Ramakrishnan has clarified that he would take legal action regarding Satyabhama’s remarks. He is filing a complaint based on clear legal advice, indicating that an FIR will likely be registered.

However, top police officers have decided to consult legal experts regarding the applicable sections. The complaint was lodged with Chalakudy DySP, who forwarded it to Thiruvananthapuram since the interviewee resides there. In his complaint, Ramakrishnan states that he was personally insulted by Satyabhama’s remarks and reiterates his intention to take legal action.

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