Landmark Victory: Housewife Awarded Compensation in Silk Saree Quality Battle

Ernakulam Court's Ruling Sets Consumer Rights Precedent Against Unethical Practices

Earnakulam: In a significant ruling, the Ernakulam District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission has directed Kalyan Silks’s Vastalaya to compensate Rupees 75,040. This compensation is for a housewife who faced resistance to replacing silk wedding sarees exhibiting manufacturing defects. The Commission identified flaws in the merchant’s service and flagged unethical business practices, marking a pivotal moment for consumer rights. The bench, comprising B. Binu, Vaikom Ramachandran, and TN Srividya, issued a comprehensive clarification.

Key Points:

  • The District Consumer Disputes Redressal Court ordered Kalyan Silks to compensate Rupees 75,040 for refusing to replace silk sarees with defects.
  • The Commission President cites inadequacy in merchants’ services and unethical practices, emphasizing a violation of consumer rights.
  • The court mandates payment of the saree cost of Rs 25,000 compensation and Rs 20,000 court expenses to the complainant within 30 days.

In a legal saga initiated by Professor Zarathomas, hailing from Changanassery, against Kalyan Silk in Kochi, the court’s decision echoes the consumer’s plight. Purchase of silk saree for Rs. [Amount] became a dispute when black spots marred the fabric, rendering it unfit. Despite initial promises by the merchant, the exchange has yet to materialize, leading the consumer to seek redress through legal channels.

Legal Battle Unfolds

Kalyan Silk countered the claim, asserting that the saree belonged to the complainant’s daughter, not the plaintiff. They argued that the alleged defects resulted from storing the saree in an airtight box for an extended period rather than any manufacturing flaw. The court, however, questioned the merchant’s absence of clear storage instructions. It emphasizes the consumer’s right to transparent information about the product.

The court, invoking the new Consumer Protection Act, shifted the burden of caution from the consumer to the seller, emphasizing a shift in consumer rights. The ruling underscored vendors’ need to offer explicit guidance on product care, ensuring consumers are well-informed and protected.

The Verdict

The court granted compensation of Rs 25,000 and ordered Kalyan Silk’s Vastalaya to reimburse the costs of the saree. The company also has to pay Rs 20,000 in court costs. This ruling makes it evident that companies should put the interests of their customers first.

The order sets a precedent for holding businesses accountable for their product quality and service commitments. The ruling reaffirms the power of consumers in the marketplace. It serves as a beacon for those seeking justice against unscrupulous business practices. This case, resonating with thousands of homemakers, exemplifies the evolving landscape of consumer protection, where clarity, accountability, and justice prevail.


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