Kuzhalnadan’s Allegations: Pinarayi’s Involvement in CMRL Empowerment

Congress MLA Raises Concerns Over Chief Minister's Alleged Intervention in CMRL Affairs

Thiruvananthapuram: Congress leader and Muvattupuzha MLA Mathew Kuzhalnathan has once again alleged that Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan improperly intervened on behalf of the CMRL company. As per Mathew Kuzhalnathan’s allegations, the Chief Minister bypassed the Revenue Department to aid CMRL in seeking relaxation of the Land Extent Rule. According to Kuzhalnathan, the Chief Minister called a meeting about an issue already decided by the Revenue Department. Furthermore, he stated that a note brought to the Cabinet attempted to overturn the Land Reforms Act.

Evidence and Lack of Response

The MLA released evidence that CMRL approached the government requesting relaxation of the Land Limitation Act for 51 acres purchased in Thirkunnapuzha. The District Committee then recommended to the Land Board that CMRL receive an exemption.

Neither the government nor CPM have responded to Kuzhalnathan’s allegations and evidence of the Chief Minister’s intervention.

For the past 1,000 days, mining at Thottapalli has benefitted CMRL, Kuzhalnathan claimed. He alleged that the mining operation yielded sand worth 40,000 crores over this time.

Kuzhalnathan has revealed more about month-long accusations against the Chief Minister’s daughter, Veena Vijayan. He explained they are investigating Pinarayi Vijayan’s role in allegations of receiving money for services not rendered.

Pointing out the need for more response from the Industries Department, Chief Minister, and CPM, Kuzhalnathan highlighted questions about Vijayan’s particular intervention to retain CMRL’s contract. Despite releasing evidence, Vijayan has not provided a clear answer. Kuzhalnathan noted that the Industry Minister only gave a one-line reply about these issues.

Additionally, Kuzhalnathan’s alleged mystery surrounds CMRL’s land purchase in Thottapally, claiming it violated the Land Limitation Act. He released proof that CMRL asked the government to relax rules limiting how much land could be owned.

Continued Allegations and Silence

The allegations Congress MLA Mathew Kuzhalnathan brought forth against CM Pinarayi Vijayan’s intervention on behalf of CMRL remain unanswered. With evidence released but no substantial response from the government, questions persist about mining in Thottapalli. Further inquiries remain regarding the Chief Minister’s involvement in retaining CMRL’s contract and the land purchase by CMRL that seemingly violated legal limits. Kuzhalnathan has vowed to continue investigating the Chief Minister’s role in allegations of money received for unrendered services. 

However, Vijayan and the CPM remain silent on the MLA’s revelations. The opposition within Congress is expected to persist in applying pressure and demanding answers. This is because Kuzhalnathan’s accusations of misconduct and illegal activity, directed at the chief minister and companies like CMRL, remain a mystery. For now, the alleged misuse of power, mining profits, and land violations hangs over Kerala’s ruling government.

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