Kerala BJP Chief K Surendran to face police questioning in election bribery case

K Surendran Under Scrutiny as Kerala Police Investigate Alleged Bribery Scandal, Shaking Up State Politics

The Kerala police have asked K Surendran, the leader of the BJP in Kerala, to come for questioning on November 14. They want to ask him about a case of election bribery. This case is about CK Janu, a tribal leader who was a candidate of the NDA in the 2023 assembly elections. The police say that Surendran paid money to Janu to join the NDA and contest from the Sultan Bathery constituency.

What is the case about?

The case was filed by Praseetha Azhikode, a member of Janu’s party, JRP. Praseetha said that she saw Surendran giving Rs 10 lakh to Janu in a hotel room in Kalpetta. She said that Surendran asked the party workers to leave the room before he gave the money. Praseetha also said that Surendran offered her Rs 25 lakh to withdraw her name from Mananthavady constituency, where she was a candidate of JRP.

Surendran has denied these charges. He said this is a plan by the LDF and the UDF, the two main parties in Kerala, to spoil his image and the BJP’s chances in the state. He said that he did not pay any money to Janu and only booked a room for her as a leader of a partner party of NDA. He also questioned Praseetha’s trustworthiness and said she met a CPM leader, P Jayarajan, in Kannur.

How is the investigation going?

The police have been looking into this case since April, but they have not found much evidence. They have talked to Janu, Praseetha, and others who know about this case. They have also taken the mobile phones of Janu and Praseetha. But they have not found the money allegedly given to Janu or any proof that Surendran was involved in this case.

The police have also faced criticism from the LDF and the UDF for the slow pace of the investigation and the alleged favouritism towards the BJP. VV Ramesh, the LDF candidate from Manjeshwaram constituency, who had complained against Surendran for allegedly bribing another candidate, K Sundara, to quit the race, has accused the police of being biased and influenced by the BJP. Ramesh also went to the Kerala High Court and asked for a CBI probe into this case.

The police have sent the notice to Surendran to speed up the investigation and to question him based on the statements and evidence they have collected so far. Surendran has to appear before the police officer in Kalpetta on November 14. This is the second notice he has received in this case, as he did not come for questioning earlier, giving various reasons.

Why is this case important?

This case is a big problem for the BJP and Surendran, who had led the BJP’s campaign in the 2023 assembly elections, hoping to win more seats and votes in Kerala. The BJP had made Janu, a famous tribal activist and leader of the JRS, a candidate for the NDA from Sultan Bathery, hoping to get the support of the tribal voters in that area. But Janu did not do well and came fourth in the constituency, getting only 9,246 votes. The BJP also lost in Manjeshwaram, where Surendran himself was a candidate, but lost to IUML candidate AKM Ashraf by a small margin of 745 votes.

This case also raises doubts about the honesty and integrity of the BJP and its leaders, who have often accused the LDF and the UDF of being corrupt and involved in various scams. This case also shows the conflicts and divisions within the BJP and the NDA, as some of the party workers and allies have spoken against Surendran and his alleged role in this case.

This case will also affect the upcoming local body elections and the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, as the BJP will have to face the challenge of defending its image and reputation and also of keeping its existing supporters and attracting new voters. This case will also test the strength and leadership of Surendran, who has been the leader of the BJP in Kerala since 2019 and who has been dreaming of becoming the chief minister of the state.

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