Kattappana double murders: Secrets of the House that Emerges Only at Night

Delving into the Enigma: Unraveling the Dark Secrets of the Kakatukada Residence

Kattappana: In the quiet neighborhood of Kakatukada, a seemingly ordinary house concealed a dark and disturbing secret. Double Murder Investigation in Kattapana revels shoking details. According to neighbors, the house remained closed during the day, with occupants emerging only at night. “Door closed all the time. People who come only at night,” recounts neighbor Ummikunel Jis Abraham. His house is merely 200 meters away from the residence where a skeleton was discovered yesterday.

Despite Vishnu and Nitish, the prime accused, residing in rented accommodation for nearly seven months, the family maintained a secluded existence, devoid of interactions with others in the vicinity. “This family had no relations with others,” Abraham affirms, shedding light on their reclusive lifestyle.

Concealed from Prying Eyes

Obscured by a towering stone wall, the house remained hidden from the roadside view. The occupants’ belongings were stashed away in sacks scattered throughout the premises to avoid drawing unwanted attention. Even from nearby residences, the front of the house remained invisible, adding to the air of mystery surrounding the property. Residents recall family members venturing out solely during nighttime hours. When Vishnu, the son, ventured to the local shop for errands, his gaze remained fixated on his phone, rebuffing any attempts at casual conversation.

Echoes of Movie Scenes

The grim discovery at the Kakatukada residence evokes chilling memories of scenes from popular Malayalam films like Mohanlal’s ‘Drishyam‘ and Biju Menon’s ‘Aarkkariyam‘ where dead bodies were buried within buildings and cemented over. According to police, the accused, including Nitish, spent a day and a half digging a pit inside the house to conceal Vijayan’s body after striking him with a hammer.

Grisly Details Emerge

Kanchiyar Panchayat President Suresh Khikkhat revealed that authorities believe someone placed the body in a cardboard box. And secured it with packing tape, and lowered it into the pit. When they eventually discovered the remains, although the box had decomposed, remnants of the tape remained intact. Additionally, they found clothes, including pants, a shirt, and a belt, as well as an air gun and a hammer used in the murder, in the pit.

Investigative Excellence Unravels the Mystery

What began as a routine theft case took an unexpected turn, leading the Idukki police on a path to unraveling a double murder through their investigative prowess. On March 2, Nitish and Vishnu were apprehended during a theft attempt at a workshop in Kattappana at 4:30 a.m. Initially, there was no definitive information about the suspects’ identities residing in the Kakatukada rental property.

However, after news of their arrest in the theft case circulated, some relatives came forward seeking information. In 2016, Vijayan, Vishnu’s father, sold their house and land at Kattappana Sagara Junction for Rs 90 lakh. The family had subsequently left the country, leaving their relatives in the dark about their whereabouts.

The police team focused on the two suspects in the theft case, conducted further investigations, and discovered Vijayan’s wife, Suma, and daughter residing in the Kakatukada house. They were confined to a single room, unable to leave the premises. The absence of Vijayan raised suspicions among his relatives. Although Suma and her daughter provided some hints about the murder, their statements lacked reliability due to their mentally exhausted state from living in isolation.

It was only when Nitish, remanded in the theft case, was taken into custody and interrogated that the shocking double murder came to light. A dedicated team led by Idukki District Police Chief TK Vishnu Pradeep, including Kattappana DySP PV Baby and SHO N. Suresh Kumar, meticulously unraveled the intricate layers of this unprecedented case through days of relentless investigation.

The Chronology of Cruelty

A disturbing sequence of events that culminated in the Kattappana double murder unfolded over several years:

  • Approximately 10 years ago, Nitish joined Vijayan’s daughter’s family, believing in the ability of magical rituals to solve problems.
  • 2016: Vijayan’s daughter gave birth to a child fathered by Nitish.
  • July 2016: Nitish suffocated and buried the five-day-old infant.
  • 2016: After the child’s murder, Vijayan and his family sold their land and house in Sagara Junction and relocated to a rented house in Kakkatukada.
  • August 2023: Vijayan was killed by Nitish with a hammer in their rented residence.
  • March 2, 2024: Vishnu and Nitish were caught during a theft attempt at a workshop in Kattappana.
  • March 9: The interrogation of Nitish revealed information about the double murder.
  • March 10: Vijayan’s remains were found during an inspection conducted at the location indicated by Nitish.

As the investigation progresses, the Kattappana community awaits justice and closure, haunted by the chilling revelations of a family’s descent into darkness and the tragic consequences that ensued.

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