Kalikavu Child Killing: A Tale of Deception and Revenge of a Young Father

Unveiling the Heartbreaking Journey from Love to Tragedy in Malappuram

Malappuram: The story behind Kalikavu Child Killing was due to love and deception that the girl did not give up easily. She fought valiantly against accepting the betrayal. Consequently, the police and locals intervened, leading to a marriage. After that, things should have been settled. Unfortunately, the wife faced rejection from her husband and his family – a common occurrence. Police also showed no interest in helping. This prompted the father to take revenge to an extreme level by killing his child. Shocking details have emerged about the death of a two-and-a-half-year-old girl in Kalikavu.

Manipulation and Abuse

Faiz, the accused in the case of killing his toddler daughter, had harbored hatred towards his wife and in-laws since their marriage. Initially, Faiz fell in love with the girl but later wanted to break up. A case was filed against him for cheating by promise of marriage. With this, the girl reluctantly agreed to the marriage. After that, Faiz faked a car accident, attempting to reunite with his girlfriend. He claimed this caused him to lose partial use of one hand. But the girl did not give up, and the wedding took place. The case was filed by the wife before the marriage was still pending.

Following a cheating complaint, the locals, relatives, and police decided to conduct the marriage after a discussion. Despite publicly agreeing to it, Faiz showed no interest in the marriage. The boyfriend tried to kill himself by causing a car accident to escape the situation. This lover never gave the young woman peace again in her life. After the marriage, the beatings continued.

Legal and Judicial Response

His wife Nankia’s case for domestic violence was scheduled for a court hearing on Tuesday. Faiz was arrested in the case of killing the baby. His method was to withdraw complaints by resorting to more violence whenever the in-laws filed a complaint at the Kalikavu and Pookottumpadam police stations. He considered the child his enemy, and his family supported all this.

There is also a complaint against Faiz that he entered his wife’s house in Karulai and assaulted her mother. His wife and family hesitated to approach the police, fearing beatings. There is also a sister’s child of Faiz’s daughter’s age at home. Both children faced discrimination from family members. The sister and her husband used to spend time in this house but did not stop these atrocities and even encouraged them. After Faiz’s father died from falling off a tree, the locals provided the family with a house.

Legal Ramifications and High Court Intervention

Kalikav Station House officer M. Sasidharapillai said that other members of Faiz’s family may also face charges in the murder case. Further action will be taken after a detailed investigation and evidence collection. The CI also stated that the grandmother did not inform the police about the child’s beatings earlier. Previously, Ramlath, the child’s grandmother, had alleged that despite showing the child’s beating marks to Kalikav police, no action was taken. Meanwhile, there are indications that the child’s mother was also a victim of cruelty. Faiz’s sister was heard threatening the child’s mother, sending a voice message that no matter what the police heard, they would not be afraid and would separate the mother from her children. Meanwhile, the High Court intervened in the Kalikavu incident.

Justice Devan Ramachandran directed the High Court Registry to seek the Chief Justice’s permission to file the case voluntarily. The court said it is shocking that such an incident occurred in Kerala.

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