Justice Served: Decoding the Ranjith Srinivasan Murder Case Verdict”

Landmark Decision as All Accused Found Guilty in High-Profile Case

Mavelikkara Additional Sessions Judge V.G. Sridevi delivered a significant verdict in the Ranjith Srinivasan Murder Case. The victim was a BJP leader, former OBC Morcha state secretary and lawyer. The judge found all 15 accused guilty, charging the first eight with murder. The final verdict is a promisingly pivotal moment in the high-profile case gripping Alappuzha.

Key Points:

  • Mavelikkara Additional Sessions Judge V.G. Sridevi delivered the verdict, finding all 15 accused guilty. The first eight accused were charged with murder.
  • The prosecution built a comprehensive case with over 1,000 documents and over 100 objects. The prosecution also provided crucial evidence like fingerprints, scientific analysis, CCTV footage, and route maps using Google Maps.
  • The accused, affiliated with the Popular Front and linked to the SDPI, executed a deliberate plan. They conspired to assassinate Ranjith Srinivasan and face potential life imprisonment or even the death penalty looming for the convicted.

Naizam, Ajmal and Anoop face charges in the brutal killing of Ranjith Srinivasan on December 19, 2021. Srinivasan’s mother, wife and daughter witnessed the shocking incident as he was hacked to death in his home. When the court decided to charge the initial eight with murder, the prosecution advocated for stringent punishment. And it could be life imprisonment or even the death penalty.

The prosecution built the case into over 1,000 documents and more than 100 objects as evidence. Fingerprint analysis, scientific evidence, CCTV footage, and route maps using Google Maps have played strong roles in reaching the verdict. Alappuzha DYSP NR Jayaraj’s investigation has painted a comprehensive picture. It also reveals a deliberate plan by the Popular Front workers to assassinate Ranjith Srinivasan.

The prosecution contends that the accused, linked to the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), meticulously orchestrated the killing in three stages. The motive behind Srinivasan’s murder, according to the prosecution, was a revenge killing anticipated after the death of Nandu Krishna, a Vayalar resident. Allegedly, the accused had premeditatedly chosen Ranjith Srinivasan as the victim.

The accused, affiliated with the Popular Front, displayed sinister intent from the early stages, culminating in a meticulously planned murder executed by specially trained individuals. The High Court’s decision to shift the trial to the Mavelikkara Additional District Sessions Court added another layer of complexity to this already intricate case.

As the legal saga surrounding Ranjith Srinivasan’s murder unfolds, the impending sentencing on Monday will mark a critical juncture. The guilty verdict for all accused adds finality to a case characterized by elaborate conspiracies, political affiliations, and a shocking act of violence. The people of Alappuzha, and indeed the nation, will keenly await the judge’s final pronouncement, bringing closure to this grim chapter in local politics.

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