Job Offer Turned Human Trafficking: Allegations against Ganesh Kumar’s Staff

Leaked Complaints and Trafficking Scandal Rock Minister's Office

Kollam: Allegations have surfaced that individuals lured a young woman from Thiruvananthapuram with a job offer, took her to Qatar, and forced her into prostitution. The harassment complaint is against Sudheep Chandran, a native of Kottarakkara. Kulathupuzha police have registered a case of harassment against Sudheep. Furthermore, the woman’s complaint, sent via email to the office of Minister KB Ganesh Kumar, was leaked to the accused.

A married woman from Kulathupuzha has claimed that the Minister’s staff leaked her complaint. After learning about the complaint, Sudeep Chandran fled to Africa from Qatar. The woman alleges that Sudheep is related to a personal staff member of Minister Ganesh Kumar. It led to the leaking of the complaint sent to the minister, prompting Sudheep’s escape to Africa.

Details of Trafficking Scheme and Financial Transactions

In an email message, the woman states that the Kulathupuzha police initiated an investigation after she complained to the Chief Minister about her experience in Qatar. According to the complaint, Sudeep Chandran brought the young woman to Qatar by charging her three lakh rupees under the pretext of employment. The young woman’s mother complained to the Kulathupuzha police on February 12. It alleges that Sudhipchandran earned money by offering her daughter to others for prostitution. Additionally, the complaint states that Sudheep sent money to the mother’s account in the guise of her daughter’s salary. The woman went to Qatar in November 2021.

The minister’s office explained the allegations against a staff member. The office of Minister KB Ganeshkumar clarified that if a complaint is lodged against a staff member, they will not retain their position on the staff. Additionally, it was stated that no complaint had been received against any office employee. However, the Minister’s Direct response to the allegations was not forthcoming.

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