Innocence Vindicated: The Shocking Tale of a Teacher Trapped in a Fake POCSO Case in Kerala

Left Organizations' Political Vendetta Unveiled as Court Acquits Congress-Supporter Teacher After 30 Days of Unjust Imprisonment

In the political battlegrounds of Kerala, the sinister weaponization of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act has become a disturbing trend. This weapon wielded like a double-edged sword, has left innocent lives shattered and tarnished by the aftermath of fabricated cases. The most recent victim, Hassan Master, a dedicated teacher with 33 years of service trapped in the falsehoods woven by CPM political rivals.

The detailed setup is directed by political opponents supported by pro-left organizations and the Student Federation of India (SFI). And trap Hassan Master in a fake POCSO case for years. The motive? His allegiance to the Congress party made him a target for those who sought to settle political scores.

The battleground extended beyond the courtroom as the SFI and Left Womesn’s Association staged protests demanding his arrest and dismissal. The education department, swayed by the staged narrative, imposed a five-month suspension. And transferred him to a distant school, disrupting his life and career. Hassan Master, however, spent 30 severe days in Kannur Special Sub Jail, where fellow inmates, convinced of his innocence, treated him with respect.

In the isolation of those days, Hassan found relief in the persistent support of his family. His brother-in-law took charge of the legal battle, steering it toward justice. Now acquitted by the court, Hassan Master harbors no vendetta. Despite enduring a public trial that questioned his character and integrity, he remains generous, entrusting justice to a court of God.

The trial, held in the Mattanur fast-track POCSO court, unfolded with emotional scenes. A complainant student, recognizing the injustice, openly apologized in a moment that moved Hassan to tears. Even the child’s father expressed regret. Hassan, gracious in victory, held no animosity toward the children who were used as instruments in this political game.

The roots of this fake POCSO case can be traced back to Hassan’s vocal criticism of decisions affecting government employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. His generous financial assistance during the crisis did not shield him from social media abuse. The same individuals he aided turned against him, leaving scars on his reputation.

Hassan contends that the misuse of the POCSO Act, intended for the protection of children, has become overgrown and must be curbed. His case joins a growing list of instances where this legal tool has been weaponized for political gains. The Kerala Pradesh School Teachers Association (KPSTA) echoes the sentiment, accusing the fabrication of fake POCSO cases for political expediency.

As the court acquits victims like Hassan Master, it exposes the ulterior motives behind these politically motivated cases. The scars of mental and physical suffering can’t be tolerated. And the exclusion from work and the stain on personal and professional life linger as a haunting reminder of the dark depths to which political vendettas can plunge.

In the aftermath, as the court verdict echoes through the corridors of justice, the KPSTA from Iriti Upazila urges the public to identify and isolate secret groups working with political motives. The call is clear: in the pursuit of justice, the battleground must shift from vendettas to vindication, restoring honor and reclaiming the truth for those wronged by the sinister weaponization of justice itself.

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