Influence in Commissioner’s Office: Siddharth’s Murder Veiled as Suicide

Alleged Political Connections and Uncharged Suspects Plague Pookode Investigation

Wayanad: There are doubts about how police are investigating the death of J.S. Siddharth at Pookode Veterinary College Hostel. There are allegations against the police commissioner’s office in Kerala interfering to influence the case. In addition, authorities have not pressed charges against the girl who filed the complaint against Siddharth despite indications of her potential involvement. Her mother works for the police in Thrissur district, and her family lives near Guruvayur. Reports say police are not doing more investigation right now. There is pressure to focus only on those already arrested.

Meanwhile, the college dean, M.K. Narayanan and Siddharth’s father, T. Jayaprakash, want murder charges filed against the warden, R. Kanthanathan. They believe both officials deserve suspension for their significant roles in Siddharth’s death. Jayaprakash issued a warning for legal action if charges are not brought against them. The family also wants the girl included in the probe, as evidence suggests her involvement in an alleged plot. But her exclusion remains a mystery. It is raising claims police are protecting politically connected people.

Siddharth’s uncle Shibu said Siddharth’s best friend, thought to be the mastermind, should also face charges. This student was with Siddharth for three days when he was beaten, and he often spoke to him. Strangely, he did not inform the family about Siddharth’s troubles at college. Jayaprakash mentioned that the student’s father, whose name was undisclosed, holds a position as a political leader.

Youth Groups Demand Action

Youth groups like the Youth Congress, Mahila Congress and KSU are on an indefinite hunger strike. They want a CBI inquiry into Siddharth’s death and the dean’s removal. Youth Congress leader Rahul Mankoothi criticized the state’s handling, suggesting even a woodpecker would get better treatment than what the government has shown.

Signs suggest that the girl facilitated Akhil’s confrontation with Siddharth. After Siddharth’s death, the veterinary university campus closed for a week due to protests and investigations. The academic director said no regular classes would be held from the 5th to the 10th of the month, and exams would be postponed. All hostel students where Siddharth’s body was discovered faced a week’s suspension for failing to report the alleged mob attack by the student group SFI.

The remand report of arrested SFI leaders states that they were stripped and beaten, mirroring the circumstances of Siddharth’s death. Siddharth’s alleged suicide by walking naked from his room to the toilet seems improbable, especially given the distance and his reported incapacitation from beatings over two days. Police records indicate that his body was moved from one hospital to another shortly after the incident became known.

The ambulance driver who took Siddharth’s body met the dean and students at 3:30 PM at the police station, where the dean first learned of the incident from the driver. The dean’s speech at a meeting on February 22, deemed shocking and mysterious, hints at the dean’s role.

Concerns Mounting Over Potential Coverup

There are increasing worries about potential attempts to conceal the truth as startling new information regarding J.S. Siddharth’s passing surfaces. The investigation’s exclusion of important participants and the claimed meddling of influential people have aroused suspicion.

Moreover, the apparent lack of action by police and reluctance to broaden the probe has raised doubts about the integrity of the process. Student groups and Siddharth’s family demanding a CBI inquiry erodes public trust in the current investigation.

As more circumstances surrounding Siddharth’s tragic death unfold, it becomes critical for authorities to conduct a thorough and impartial investigation. Failure to do so will deny justice to the victim and his loved ones and undermine faith in law enforcement.

The case highlights the need for transparency and accountability when handling sensitive matters. Addressing the concerns raised and ensuring a fair inquiry can uncover the truth and restore confidence in the judiciary. The public’s trust in the rule of law depends on authorities pursuing this case diligently and upholding justice.

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