Indian Medical Association expels Dr. EA Ruwais over dowry harassment case

Dr. Ruwais faces serious repercussions following his arrest in connection with the case

In a significant development, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) has taken a resolute stand against one of its own, Dr EA Ruwais, hailing from Kollam. This action stems from his involvement in an incident concerning Dr Shahna, a postgraduate student in the surgery department of a medical college. Dr. Ruwais, now expelled from the association, is facing serious repercussions following his arrest in a dowry harassment case.

Dr. Ruwais’s Arrest and Subsequent Suspension

Official letter from the Indian Medical Association announcing the suspension of Dr. EA Ruwais.
A significant document: The official letter from the Indian Medical Association detailing the suspension of Dr. EA Ruwais.

After a prolonged period of questioning, the official arrest of Dr. Ruwais was recorded, with a court appearance scheduled for later in the day. The arrest transpired at his relative’s residence in Karunagapally, Kollam. The charges against Dr Ruwais include violations of the dowry prohibition law, and during questioning, he purportedly conveyed that his father had demanded a dowry, adding complexity to the case.

Basis of the Dowry Harassment Case

The crux of the matter lies in the assertions made by Shahna’s relatives. They claim that Dr Ruwais, who shared a close association with Shahna, demanded a substantial dowry. Intriguingly, the initial case was registered as one of unnatural death, primarily due to the absence of any mention of dowry in a note discovered in Shahna’s room. The note bore an unsettling message: ‘Everyone wants money. Money is the biggest of all…’

Association’s Swift Response and Expulsion

In response to these events, the IMA took swift action, expelling Dr. Ruwais from the association and stripping him of his role as the president of the PG Medical Students’ Association. Dr Zulfi Nuhu, conveying this decision through a Facebook post, emphasized the IMA’s solidarity with Shahna and its commitment to raising awareness against suicidal tendencies within the medical community.

Addressing Dowry: A Stalwart Stand by the IMA

The expulsion of Dr. Ruwais echoes the IMA’s firm stance against the social menace of dowry. The association adamantly declares that those found guilty should face appropriate consequences. This proactive approach aligns with the broader commitment of the IMA to combat the alarming trend of suicides among doctors, health workers, and society at large. Dr Zulfi Nuhu encapsulates this ethos by asserting, “Heroism was to live and show. That should be Heroism.”

The Complexities of the Case

As the legal proceedings unfold, the case presents intricate layers. The absence of any mention of dowry in Shahna’s note initially led to the registration of an unnatural death. However, subsequent revelations from Shahna’s relatives have shifted the narrative, emphasizing the alleged dowry demands by Dr. Ruwais. The police are now tasked with gathering statements from Ruwais’s family, further unravelling the case’s complexities.

Ruwais’s Previous Associations and Academic Fallout

Before the expulsion from the IMA, Dr. Ruwais had already faced repercussions within the medical college. He was president of the PG Medical Students’ Association, which he has now been removed from. These professional consequences paint a challenging picture for Dr. Ruwais, whose academic and professional standing is significantly compromised.

IMA’s Commitment to Positive Actions

Beyond its immediate response to Dr. Ruwais’s case, the IMA reiterates its commitment to positive actions. The association, through Dr. Zulfi Nuhu’s statements, underscores its dedication to creating awareness against suicidal tendencies. The IMA recognizes the need for a holistic approach to address the mental health challenges faced by doctors, health workers, and society at large.

A Collective Stand Against Dowry and Suicides

In conclusion, the expulsion of Dr. Ruwais from the IMA is a testament to the association’s commitment to upholding ethical standards within the medical community. It also reflects a broader societal stance against the persisting issue of dowry. As the legal proceedings continue, the IMA remains steadfast in its dedication to fostering a supportive environment and addressing the mental health challenges faced by medical professionals and the community they serve.

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