High Court Rejects Prosecution’s Claims, Upholds Dileep’s Bail

Actor Receives Temporary Relief as Court Dismisses Allegations of Witness Tampering

Kochi – The Kerala High Court single bench, presided by Justice Sophie Thomas, has rejected the state government’s appeal to cancel actor Dileep’s bail in the 2017 actress assault case. The verdict relieves Dileep, with his new film Thangamani set to be released soon.

Allegations of Witness Tampering

The crime branch had alleged that Dileep tried to influence witnesses and tamper with evidence after being released on bail. The government initially approached the trial court demanding cancellation of bail but was denied. They then appealed to the High Court but were again unsuccessful. The trial is in its final stages.

The petition claimed Dileep influenced around ten witnesses, including Vipinlal, Dasan, Sagar Vincent, Dr. Hyderali, Sarath, and Jinsen. Furthermore, critical data was allegedly destroyed on Dileep’s phone and his family members’ devices. The crime branch argued the lower court improperly evaluated this evidence when rejecting the cancellation plea. However, the High Court was also unconvinced by the government’s assertions.

Earlier, the High Court had directed the assaulted actress to provide a copy of the investigation report on the memory card leak to the court. The order came in response to the actress’ petition. The court had previously denied accused Dileep’s request for the report copy.

Court’s Ruling and Trial Progress

In summary, the Kerala High Court has ruled that actor Dileep’s bail will remain in effect in an actress assault case. The court dismissed the state government’s appeal to revoke his bail, rejecting claims that Dileep obstructed Justice. The government argued Dileep influenced witnesses and destroyed evidence after being released on bail.

However, the court was unconvinced, leaving Dileep’s bail intact as the trial nears its conclusion. The outcome is a relief to Dileep with a new movie set to be released. The court previously directed the assaulted actress to share an investigative report on the case’s memory card leak with the court while denying access to Dileep. The verdict allows Dileep to remain on bail despite the government’s efforts to cancel it over witness tampering allegations. But the court found no grounds to overturn its initial bail grant as the trial progresses.

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