Governor’s Idukki Visit Sparks Protests and Political Turmoil

Tensions Rise as Governor Khan Faces Opposition Amidst Land Bill Controversy

Disagreement broke out as Governor Arif Mohammad Khan visited Idukki. Though early indications suggested a serene environment, the truth was otherwise. An unexpected element was added when two CPM area committees in Thodupuzha staged a march resisting promises. Tension was high as demonstrators added a sense of confusion and disturbance with their aggressive cries.

Governor Khan, however, remained calm, asserting that he felt no threat, even as protests unfolded around him. The backdrop of Thodupuzha, amidst LDF protests, witnessed a complex scenario. It extended beyond verbal disapproval to the symbolic act of displaying black flags. To navigate this challenging landscape, heightened security measures were put in place by the police.

The Students’ Federation of India (SFI) joined the chorus of disapproval, expressing their discontent in Thodupuzha. In the latter, a stark black banner declared, ‘Sanghi Khan, you are not welcome here.’ The Governor’s visit to inaugurate the Karunyam project of the Traders and Industry Coordinating Committee unfolded against this backdrop of multi-faceted opposition.

The dissent took a more formal turn, with the Idukki District LDF organizing a Raj Bhavan march to protest against the Governor’s decision not to sign the Land Tenure Act Amendment Bill. Simultaneously, a hartal was announced to oppose the Governor’s presence in Idukki on the same day. Interestingly, the significance of the Raj Bhavan March faded in the face of the unfolding events.

Governor Khan’s reluctance to approve the Land Regular Law Amendment Bill is at the core of the Left’s discontent. This measure had gained unanimous approval in the Assembly in September of the previous year. The bill aimed at addressing the long-standing demand of farmers for land regularization. However, the Governor’s hesitance stemmed from concerns that the bill might inadvertently legitimize encroachments, leading to delays in his approval.

The political standoff intensified as the LDF announced a district-wide hartal, hoping to emphasize their opposition. Yet, Governor Khan remained bound. And choose to participate in the planned program in Idukki despite the declared hartal against the Land Customary Laws Amendment Bill.

In response to the mounting criticism, Governor Khan blamed the government. And stating that the delay in signing the bill was due to their failure to address complaints received against it. These complex political disagreements now place the Idukki in the crossfire of conflicting convictions. What was initially anticipated as a visit for progress now stands as a testament to the persistent discord in the political landscape.

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